Child restraints

Mum and baby

If you have children in your car you must make sure they’re safe. They're much safer in cars if they're in approved child restraints or, depending on their size, if they're wearing seatbelts that are fitted properly.

The type of child restraint or seatbelt you need changes with the age of the child. Read the details here

The On The Right Track team has developed a series of videos in English and Pitjantjatjara language about using child restraints. See them here

You can be fined and get demerit points if children are not properly secured.

Be extra careful when you have children in your car.

  • Keep children in booster seats for as long as possible. Even if your child is over 7 years, only put them in a seatbelt if they've outgrown their booster seat.
  • It’s the driver’s responsibility to make sure all passengers are correctly restrained. It’s the driver who will be fined and get demerit points if stopped by the police.
  • The law is specific about what type of restraint is to be used at different ages, and where children should be seated in a car. The aim of these laws is to reduce the chance of injury caused by restraints that are not right for a child's size.