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You should always be careful when overtaking, but especially on unsealed and unmarked roads. It can be easy to lose control on these roads. 

  • Always check your mirrors and your blind spots before overtaking.
  • Don't overtake if you can't see clearly that there is enough space ahead.
  • When you can, use the marked overtaking lines on country roads. They’re much safer.
  • Don't overtake if the car you're trying to pass is going at the speed limit.
  • Don't overtake if there is a solid line on your side in the centre of the road. The line means it’s not safe to overtake. Overtake only if the line is broken, and be sure to check for traffic coming towards you.
  • Make sure the vehicle you’re overtaking knows you’re there. Use you horn if you need to.
  • Don't overtake in tunnels, on narrow roads, or on bridges.
  • Be especially careful when overtaking, cornering or driving over the crest of a hill. A slow vehicle may be on, or entering, the road in front of you.
  • Overtaking lanes are provided on some rural highways, including the Dukes Highway (A8), National Highway (A1) between Port Wakefield and Port Augusta, and the Sturt Highway (A20). They allow drivers to safely pass slower moving vehicles.