Railway Crossing Safety Improvement Program

Safer Level Crossings

Wherever railway lines meet a road or footpath – a unique set of safety hazards exist.

Engineering and infrastructure improvements, installation of warning signals and automatic pedestrian gates, education and enforcement can improve safety at level crossings. However, in line with other Australian jurisdictions, we also need to consider reducing the number of railway crossings.

The combination of speed, people and freight travelling on intersecting rail and road systems has the potential for high impact or catastrophic incidents. Even a collision with a low speed train or tram can result in serious injury or death, particularly for pedestrians.

The fewer opportunities for people and vehicles to meet at an intersecting train or tram track, the safer and more reliable our network will be. Other benefits include improved traffic flow and reduced travel times, allowing us to more efficiently move people, goods and services on our roads and public transport networks.

The Railway Crossing Safety Improvement Program aims to improve safety at South Australia’s railway crossings in line with South Australia’s Railway Crossing Safety Strategy (PDF, 1305 KB) (PDF, 1305 KB).

Improvements include:

  • Signage and pavement markings were upgraded at Trimmer Parade, Seaton, and Eastern Parade, Port Adelaide level crossings.
  • The speed limit was reduced from 110 or 100km/h to 80km/h on the approach to 13 level crossings in regional areas.
  • Signage is being upgraded at level crossings on the Adelaide Metropolitan Rail Passenger Network.
  • The overhead cables at Eyre Highway, Ceduna level crossing were relocated underground
  • Traffic surveys have been undertaken at several level crossings with possible queueing issues to determine the extent and investigate solutions
  • Active Advance Warning signs have been installed at Augusta Highway, Snowtown level crossing

Proposed Improvements include:

  • Provision of better pedestrian crossing facilities at Main Road, Blackwood level crossing and minor earthworks
  • Investigating a signal system interface to improve interaction between traffic signals at level crossings.
  • Installation of queue relocation at Cross Road, Plympton Park level crossing for pedestrian and bicyclist safety
  • Upgrading two level crossings on the SteamRanger line at Currency Creek replacing give way signs with flashing lights and bells
  • Upgrading  the Mill Crossing on the Pichi Richi line at  West Terrace, Quorn replacing give way signs with flashing lights and bells

Major Public Transport Projects

The $238 million Torrens Junction rail underpass at Park Terrace, and the Outer Harbor rail overpass built as part of the $896 million Torrens to Torrens project have significantly improved safety and efficiency with drivers no longer having to wait for trains to pass and includes improved features for commuters, pedestrians and bicyclists.

The next priority level crossing identified for removal is Oaklands Crossing.  Site set up commenced in April 2018 with the project commencing mid-2018 until late 2019.

Media Release

Level Crossing Upgrades on the SteamRanger Heritage Railway (Oct 2018).

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The South Australian Registrar of Motor Vehicles will refuse the registration of light vehicles fitted with defective Takata ‘Alpha’ type airbag inflators from 1 November 2018 until they are rectified to ensure the safety of all road users.

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