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Buildings - Asset and Contract Documents

Document Access

Access to historical and asset drawings [PDF]
This guidenote explains the process for accessing historical and asset drawings.


All contracts and drawings are registered by Building Management before being incorporated in tender documents.

All contractors engaged by Building Management must comply with the ‘Electronic Document Requirements’ guidelines and ‘DPTI CAD drawing titleblocks’ in the preparation of documents. Non-compliant documents will not be accepted.

Electronic Document Requirements [Word Document]
Guidelines for preparation of drawings. 

DPTI CAD drawing titleblocks [Zip]
Download the zip file containing .dwt files, .dxf and .rfa files.

SAMIS Asset Drawings

SAMIS (Strategic Asset Management Information System) site and floor plans are available.

The site plans show locations of buildings, paved areas, fences and other site elements that have associated life cycle data.

The floor plans have building and room numbers for location purposes and life cycle information.

The plans are not detailed architectural or survey plans and are produced only for asset information purposes.

Contractors engaged by Building Management to prepare SAMIS drawings must use the 'SAMIS Site Survey Drawing Specification' and 'SAMIS Drawing Template'.

SAMIS CAD drawing templates [Zip]
Download the zip file containing .dwg files and .pdf fact sheets.