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Building Projects

Building Projects works in partnership with government agencies and industry to manage the delivery of social infrastructure (building construction) projects.

It provides:

  • project management
  • budget risk management
  • construction advice
  • design risk management and professional services in architecture, engineering and heritage architecture.

Project management - Project managers lead project teams working closely with government agencies and their customers, the end users, to ensure that:

  • project roles and processes are clear and consistent
  • delivery risks are identified and managed
  • excellence in design and construction is achieved
  • Government and the community receive value for money from social infrastructure construction projects.

Budget risk management - Professional cost managers review projects at key milestones and manage any risks to budget, planned cash flow and expenditure and implement effective contract payment processes. They also provide professional cost management services to projects.

Construction advice - Specialist tradespeople go on site during construction to advise on technical matters, building materials, good trade practices, quality assurance standards and contractual obligations.

Design risk management and professional services - Professionals in the disciplines of architecture, heritage architecture and engineering provide design and management services to projects in the investing program to ensure design quality is achieved and government standards met. They also provide professional architectural and engineering services to projects.

For a detailed description of Building Projects click on the fact sheet below: