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CLICK HERE to order Way2Go kits, Home Info, traffic lights and other resources

Way2Go Teacher Packs

A comprehensive package of educational materials for teaching safer, greener and more active travel in South Australian primary schools, comprising three satchels:  Early (R-2) Years, Primary (3-5) Years and Middle (6-7) Years; each containing a Teacher resource book, CD, DVD and supporting resources.

Way2Go Home info brochures

A series of brochures that complement the teaching of Way2Go in participating schools. They are designed to take learning about safer, greener and more active travel into students' homes.

Traffic lights

To support road safety education, operating traffic lights are available for loan. The lights are easy to move, set up and operate. They are delivered in one package weighing 50-60 kilograms. The casing measures 70cm H x 60cm W x 150cmL. The traffic light folds out of the casing and uses the case as its base.These are a popular resource, please plan ahead. Allow at least 2-3 weeks when organising the loan period, including delivery to your school and return to the warehouse location.

Additional resources

Cycling and Walking Maps and Cycling and the Law can be ordered to support your school's teaching program.

To replace lost or damaged school crossing equipment, complete and submit this order form. Your inbox will receive a copy of your order, which will be processed and sent to the school.