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Outback Road Warnings

Friday 18 October 2019 @ 4.45 PM

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To ensure you are viewing the latest information, please refresh this page. A new road report will be issued when any road conditions change.

Before setting off or heading back, check this regularly updated website for the latest info on open, restricted and closed roads.

South Australian Outback Roads Temporary Closures, Restrictions and Warnings



Open to all vehicle

OPEN with warnings
Open to all vehicles, with caution

Open to 4WD vehicles under 3 tonne only (no towing)

4WD / HV
Open to 4WD and Heavy Vehicles

Closed to all vehicles

For more information regarding the status of each road, please click on the road section on the map (alternatively you can access one of the area maps in the menu to view a region in greater detail).

Please note: maintenance and resheeting patrols operate at numerous locations across the unsealed road network, speed and traffic restrictions are applicable at these work sites.