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Special Notices

Thursday 22 April 2021 @ 3.28 PM


Flinders Ranges Road Condition Warning

Exercise caution on unsealed roads in the Flinders Ranges area - slow down due to potential flood damage at creek crossings, washouts, wheel rutting and road scouring.


Public access routes are established under the Pastoral Land Management and Conservation Act 1989 to provide public access over pastoral land without the need for travellers to ask permission from the lessee.

Public Access Routes are not roads or part of the formal road network. They are unimproved and unsurfaced dirt tracks intended to provide four wheel drive access in dry conditions only.

For further information  access Camping and travelling across a pastoral lease on the Department of Primary Industries and Regions website.

If you are not travelling on a public road or a PAR, access to a Pastoral Lease requires prior approval from the Lessee. Do not enter a lease without prior permission.

Current South Australian PAR status

Level Post Bay PAR – Closed for public safety until further notice.

Pedirka  PAR #8 - Closed due to flood damage until further notice

K1 (Warburton Crossing) PAR #15– OPEN

Walkers Crossing PAR #16 – Closed due to flood damage until further notice

Lake Eyre (Halligan Point) PAR – OPEN

Current Northern Territory PAR status

Colson Track - Closed until further notice


For latest information on South Australian Desert parks please call the desert parks hotline on (08) 86485328 or access the "South Australian Desert Parks Bulletin" link on the Outback Road Warnings page under Useful Information

or via link

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