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Future Mobility Lab Fund

Adelaide is well on the way to becoming a Smart City and, with an enormous capacity for innovation, we are eager to embrace a better connected, more sustainable future.

We are on the cusp of a new era in automotive technology with enormous potential to save lives, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and transform mobility for people across Australia.

Our roads are already some of the safest in the world and increasing advanced driver assist, connected and autonomous technologies have the potential to help cut the number of accidents further. The South Australian Government is providing $10 million over the next three years to projects that demonstrate, develop, or contribute to the applied research of Future Mobility technologies that provide real benefits to our communities.

Building on the government’s introduction of legislation to allow on road trials of driverless cars, this investment aims to stimulate developments in connected and autonomous vehicles.

We are eager to unlock and attract industry investment to South Australia and further promote our reputation as one of the most welcoming environments for testing connected and autonomous vehicle technologies.

South Australia’s entrepreneurial spirit is built on the foundations of innovation, industriousness and creativity. We’re opening our doors and invite you to join us as we find better ways to do things, work hard and skilfully, and break new ground to deliver a new economy for the State.

Applicants are invited to submit creative proposals that will accelerate the acceptance of driverless cars on Australian roads, enhance the development of connected and autonomous vehicle technology; contribute to Adelaide’s Smart City initiative and position South Australia as a competitive test bed for autonomous and connected vehicles.

Proposals should aim to identify solutions to challenges in the development of connected and autonomous vehicles, focusing on three themes:

Autonomous vehicle testing and demonstrations - Propose testing of vehicles and technologies, in off road laboratory conditions or real world environment in general mixed traffic conditions. These could take place in controlled environments, such as shared zones within university, hospital and business precincts, or in mixed traffic conditions if proven to be safe to do so.

Connected vehicle to vehicle and vehicle to infrastructure pilots and demonstrations - Propose pilots and demonstrations for next-generation technology in infrastructure and in vehicles.

Research and Development – Propose projects that enable and accelerate the development and deployment of autonomous and connected vehicles; ensure safe and efficient operations of emerging technologies and systems; and maximise public benefits by leveraging connected vehicle technologies, infrastructure-based solutions, and other approaches.

Applications for the opening round were open between 14 November 2016 - 16 December 2016. Subject to available funding following this opening round, subsequent rounds or funding may be announced at the Department of Panning, Transport and Infrastructure's discretion.

The eligibility and assessment guidelines can be viewed here.

The application form can be viewed here.

Please email with questions or for clarification.

The South Australian Tourism Commission releases photographs and/or video footage solely for the purpose of positive promotion of South Australia as a tourism and travel destination. Any breach of this condition may result in legal action.