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The components of the Way2Go program are represented in the model below.

Local Government Engagement

The Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) collaborates with local councils to:

  • develop 3-5 year plans to improve travel routes to schools and encourage safer, greener and more active travel
  • focus on school travel routes within the local government area
  • explore ways of involving their broader community.

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School Engagement

DPTI works with each school with a primary component within a participating council area to:

  • develop their individual School Travel Plan. This is assisted through the provision of training and development, advice and resources to Way2Go Focus teachers who coordinate the program in their schools.
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Community Engagement

Stakeholders involved in the Way2Go program include:

  • Bicycle SA
  • Department of Health
  • Department for Education and Child Development
  • government and non-government schools
  • The Smith Family
  • other local resources and organisations e.g. Community Road Safety Groups, Office for Recreation and Sport.

The range of stakeholders is expected to expand significantly as the program evolves.

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School Travel Plans

Each Way2Go school is assisted in developing their unique, five-year School Travel Plan.

School Travel Plans contain:

  • maps identifying preferred routes for students when travelling to and from school
  • survey reports showing how children travel to school
  • initiatives, events and resources
  • an plan for classroom teaching across years R-7.
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Way2Go aims to have more children walking, cycling and using public transport for their school journeys.

Surveys are used to obtain information from parents/carers, teachers and students to measure travel modes and attitudes relating to school travel. They comprise:

  • electronic surveys (parent, student, teacher) providing baseline and ongoing data to assist in the development of School Travel Plans
  • hands up surveys to collect travel behaviour data at selected stages during each five-year School Travel Plan
  • review of five-year School Travel Plan cycle.

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Signs identify Way2Go schools and reinforce road safety messages:

  • STOP LOOK LISTEN THINK – signage at all school pedestrian entry/exit points
  • safety signage for crossings –‘Cross with Care’ and ‘Recommended Crossing Point’
  • Way2Go fence banners to identify schools participating in the Way2Go program.

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Way2Go Safe Routes

The Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure collaborates with local councils to improve road infrastructure, create safer school travel environments and encourage greener and more active travel, through:

  • the development of 3-5 year plans
  • specific focus on travel routes that lead to schools within the council area.

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Teacher resource

A comprehensive package of educational materials for teaching safer, greener and more active travel in South Australian primary schools, comprising:

  • three satchels: Early (R-2) Years, Primary (3-5) Years and Middle (6-7) Years; each containing a Teacher resource book, CD, DVD and supporting resources
  • online links to current South Australian curriculum
  • teaching and learning content to be included as part of each school’s five-year School Travel Plan
  • Way2Go Bike Ed.

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Home info

A series of information and activity-based materials for students to take home and share with their families, encouraging further understandings about safer, greener and more active travel. These are:

  • an introductory brochure that introduces Way2Go to school families
  • Home info 1-40 – designed to support the Teacher resource content.

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Extra-curricular activities and other initiatives

Schools may choose to include a range of extra-curricular activities in their School Travel Plan, including:

  • events such as Pedal Prix, Walk Safely to School Day, Premier's be active Challenge
  • links to other school initiatives e.g. Australian Sustainable Schools Initiative (AuSSI - SA)
  • access to grants, bike maintenance workshops
  • information about events e.g. children's cycling activities during the Tour Down Under.

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