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Way2Go Bike Ed provides bicycle education for primary school students aged 9-13 years (Years 4-7), and is funded by the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure for eligible schools. It is an integrated component of the broader Way2Go program. Bicycle SA delivers Way2Go Bike Ed on behalf of DPTI.

To be eligible schools needs to meet one of the following criteria:

  • be a Way2Go school
  • be working with the Way2Go team to create a school travel plan
  • be prepared to integrate Way2Go Unit 4, Safe Cycling and Play, into the curriculum

Through participating in Way2Go Bike Ed, students will:

  • gain knowledge and understanding of the roads, traffic environments and appropriate road laws
  • develop physical and cognitive skills
  • develop responsible behaviours, attitudes and decision-making skills for the safe use of bicycles both on and off the road.

A typical metropolitan program occurs on one scheduled weekday during weeks 1-7 of a school term. On that day up to three classes of up to 30 students participate in separate 1.5 hour sessions.  

Schools located more than 100 kilometres from Adelaide city are classified as regional. A typical regional program is delivered intensively during the last two weeks of term.

It may be possible to negotiate the number of participating classes where student numbers are less than 75 or more than 90.

School requirements

Process for booking dates

Registration of interest to participate in Way2Go Bike Ed in 2015 is now closed (closing date Monday October 20th. 2014).

To be added to a waitlist of schools that may be contacted if a booking is cancelled please telephone 8343 2459.


For more information telephone 8343 2459 or contact us here.

Frequently asked questions

We participated this year, can we do it again next year?

Schools can register an interest to participate every year. Schools that register by the due date will be given first priority.

What happens if our school enrolments don’t match the typical program of three classes?

When you register you will be asked about student enrolments and how many classes you would like to participate. We will endeavour to meet the needs of your school.

How many bikes can be provided for students that don’t own one?

Bicycle SA can provide up to 15 bicycles. Consider whether it is possible for some students to borrow a bicycle to participate.

What do we do if we need to cancel our booking?

You must provide Bicycle SA with at least a full term notice. Written notice with the reason will be required.


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