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Workforce Participation in Government Construction Procurement

The workforce participation, skill development and social inclusion targets of the Workforce Participation in Government Construction Policy (WPP) have been revised, and are now embedded in the South Australian Industry Participation (IPP) Policy, managed by the Department of Innovation and Skills (DIS). Reporting against these targets will be determined in the IPP Plan relating to the contract, and will be managed by the Office of the Industry Advocate.

A new guideline has been prepared by DIS – Skilling South Australia Procurement Guideline – which sets out the minimum 15% labour hours to be completed by nominated groups, as set out in the IPP Plan. This guideline applies only to construction contracts over $50 million (GST inclusive).

Existing contracts

Contractors currently under contract with the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) where the WPP applies must continue reporting as required by the contract, using the existing Quarterly Reporting Tool – Workforce Participation Reporting System (WPRS). Any questions should be directed to the nominated DPTI Contract Manager.


Department of Innovation and Skills policies

Office of the Industry Advocate