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The Way2Go Bike Ed Bike Safety Check

As part of the Way2Go Bike Ed program student-owned bicycles used in the program will be checked before the instruction sessions begin.

This means that:

  • safe bicycles are available from the start of the lesson
  • practical bike riding activities begin straight away and students have more practice time
  • families receive information about the roadworthiness of their child’s bike.

To enable all students to participate 15 bicycles are available for those students who don’t own or cannot access a bicycle to bring to school. If a student is borrowing a school friend’s bike confirm that this is the case and make sure that it is ready for the first session.

To assist planning for the Way2Go Bike Safety Check the website has two planning documents

  1. RAA Bike Check Plan information
  2. Bike Check information for parents and permission letter

Frequently asked questions

  • Why are there different people contacting me about the program. Who is responsible for what?

    The Department of Infrastructure and Transport (DIT) holds overall responsibility for the Way2Go Bike Ed program on behalf of the State Government.

    Bike SA won the contract to deliver the practical sessions to schools. Bike SA will also carry out the bike safety check service to some schools, those mainly in regional areas. Instructors generally carry out the check the day before the program begins.

    The RAA is partnering with DIT to provide the bike safety check in the majority of participating schools located within 100km of the Adelaide CDB. RAA patrols usually carry out the check on the morning of the first day of participation.

    Roles and Responsibilities.

    Department of Infrastructure and Transport (DIT)

    Enquire about:

    • Funding approval
    • Way2Go Bike Ed teacher resource and support materials
    • Assembly presentations with Mayors and MPs

    Bike SA:

    Enquire about:

    • Booking dates for Way2Go Bike Ed participation
    • Planning and delivery of practical sessions
    • Bike safety checks in regional areas (>100K from city)


    Enquire about:

    • Bike safety checks in metropolitan areas (<100K from city)
  • How will I know which organisation is completing the bike check at my school?

    The organisation carrying out your school’s bike safety check will notify you via email.

  • Will they repair student bikes?

    The priority will be to check the safety of all student owned bikes used in the program. If a fault can be repaired with a minor adjustment or basic maintenance best efforts will be made within the time scheduled.

    Repairs requiring new parts or major work will be identified on the bike safety check card and referred back to the parent/caregiver for their attention.

    Please share the Way2Go Bike Check video via your school newsletter and/or your school website so that:

    • parents are engaged in their child’s learning about safe and responsible bike ownership
    • regular maintenance demand (e.g. pumping up tyres) is minimised and patrols can address less common issues
    • parents/carers are able to complete a basic bike safety check and their children ride safe and roadworthy bikes after the program has ended.

    A link to the video clip can be found at
    Way2Go Teaching Resource

  • What happens to bikes that are considered un-roadworthy?

    The bike will not be able to be used until the safety concerns have been addressed. The patrols will discuss this with the student and/or class teacher. Once notified, the parent may choose to:

    • carry out the repair
    • take the bike to the local bike shop. (The bike safety check card may help to explain the issue to the shop mechanic.)
    • advise the school that they are unable to repair the bike.

    If the bike cannot be repaired the school Way2Go Bike Ed Coordinator can discuss alternative arrangements for a bicycle to be borrowed from either a student in another class or Bike SA.

  • Can bikes of those students who don’t bring them on the day be checked?

    No. If a student forgets or is unable to bring in their bike on the day of the bike check they will not be able to use it for the Way2Go Bike Ed program.

  • Can other students or family members bring in their bike for a free safety check as well?

    No. Only bikes that will be used for the Way2Go Bike Ed program will be checked.

If you require further assistance please contact us.