Launch of the new DPTI Road Works Schedule

25 Oct 2016


Our department has launched a new online Road Works Schedule to provide the community with a forward view of upcoming Departmental road works and traffic restrictions on the arterial road network across the State.

Each year, our department undertakes a large scale of minor works to improve and maintain roads and associated infrastructure. This year alone, over 200 minor works are scheduled.

The new online Road Works Schedule puts detailed road work information at your fingertips, providing the community with advanced notification about future road works (including dates, times and location), a description of the works and why they are required, and details on how it may impacts road users so that they can plan their travel.

The website is a one-stop shop with links to other road services, such as TrafficSA for works on local roads, information about Outback Roads, and South Australian Police road closures.

Please note, this new platform does not include council work.

We will ensure this site is updated weekly, with new works tagged in red for the convenience of users.

The website is available at

This new online platform works in conjunction with the Department’s real time traffic information platforms. To get real time traffic info direct to your smartphone download our Addinsight app at or visit TrafficSA at

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