Road safety for international visitors

27 Jul 2016

Visitors to South Australia are being better equipped to stay safe on the roads with the launch of a new video series.

Four videos are available in a range of languages including English, French, German, Chinese, Arabic and Dari, and will be promoted by hire car providers and tourism operators.

They explain the laws regarding driving on an overseas licence, the road rules and tips for driving safely on South Australian roads and in remote areas.

Developed in consultation with SA Police, Education Adelaide, Migration SA, Multicultural SA and the South Australian Tourism Commission, the videos will also be available to international students and new residents.

There were 17 fatal crashes and 10 serious injury crashes involving overseas drivers in South Australia from 2010-2014.

A ‘Welcome to South Australia – Know the Road Rules’ postcard has also been produced to encourage visitors to familiarise themselves with the road rules, licence requirements and to visit the website for information.

South Australian companies providing services to overseas visitors are encouraged to promote the videos, download the postcard and a Drive on Left in Australia windscreen sticker available on the MyLicence website.

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Road safety works


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28 Sep 2018

The lowered motorway constructed as part of the $801 million Torrens Road to River Torrens Project Torrens will be opened to traffic on Saturday 29 September.


Safety improvements to the Main North Road intersection with Dalkeith Road and Smith Road

04 Sep 2018

Preliminary works for the upgrade of the Main North Road intersection with Dalkeith Road and Smith Road are currently underway, with Telstra early works to commence from Wednesday 5 September.

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