Greenhill Rd safety improvements

02 Feb 2015

Construction is to start on Greenhill Road safety improvements with upgrades between Goodwood Road and George Street/Hutt Road.

Map of Greenhill Rd showing works area 

This upgrade is a joint $1.4 million investment by the Australian Government and the State Government.

The Australian Government has invested $960,000 to fix Greenhill Road between Goodwood Road and George Street/Hutt Road to save lives, create local jobs and build better and safer roads. It has committed a record investment of $500 million to the Black Spot Programme from 2014‒15 to 2018‒19 as part of the commitment to reduce crashes on Australia roads.

The South Australian Government has contributed $466,000 from the Black Spot Programme towards the project.

The upgrade aims to minimise right angled crashes on Greenhill Road, improve cycling and pedestrian access and safety while maintaining the character of the boulevard.

Between 2007 and 2011, 105 crashes occurred at the minor junctions along Greenhill Road, resulting in 30 injuries and 75 reports of property damage.

The Greenhill Road median safety improvements plan has included a series of U-turn facilities which act as an effective treatment to reduce the frequency and severity of the right angled crashes along Greenhill Road.

The plan was revised to improve the safety for all road users following 12 months of extensive community consultation. The community played an integral role in developing the final scheme with a series of community meetings and workshops to identify local access issues, constraints and recommended safety improvements.

As a direct result of the consultation process, the scheme was modified to improve local traffic accesses. This included allowing a right turn into Joslin Street from Greenhill Road, a right turn out of Clark Street onto Greenhill Road, a right turn into Roberts Street from Greenhill Road, extra u-turn facilities and the installation of ‘Keep Clear’ markings on the road pavement at junctions.

Works will be undertaken between 10:00 am and 3:30 pm Monday to Friday. During the works, speed, lane and parking restrictions will be in place near the work site and road users are asked to use extra caution driving through the area when workers are on site. During peak traffic times, all three lanes will be operational.

The construction work is scheduled to take place over following three stages:

  • Stage 1 – George Street/Hutt Road to Unley Road
  • Stage 2 – Unley Road to King William Road
  • Stage 3 – King William Road to Goodwood Road. 

All three stages of works are expected to be completed by May 2015, weather permitting.

The works will be suspended during the Clipsal 500 Event and during the Easter long weekend so that disruption to road users is minimised.

Visit the Greenhill Road Median Safety Improvements site for more information about the project.

For up to date traffic information about the road works visit

The Australian Government’s Black Spot Programme funds projects recommended by a panel of independent road safety experts.

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