North East/Sudholz Rds upgrade

30 Jan 2015

An upgrade to improve safety at one of South Australia’s busiest intersections - North East Road and Sudholz Road - has started.


The North East Road and Sudholz Road intersection has a poor safety record. About 73,000 vehicles pass through the intersection every day. Between 2007 and October 2014, there were 73 casualty crashes and one fatality, as well as 162 crashes that led to property damage.

The works follow 18 months of extensive community engagement with local council, businesses, residents as well as seven community workshops. The State Government consulted on the design of the intersection and made a number of changes to the original plan to improve local access whilst maintaining the safe and efficient flow of traffic at the intersection.

The upgrade is a $7.7 million investment from the Motor Accident Commission Road Safety Fund and works expected to be completed by October 2015, subject to weather conditions.

Eliminating a right turn crash is important because these crashes can be some of the most severe, leading to serious injuries with life-long consequences and also fatalities. An internal review by the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure found that nearly 35 per cent of the casualty crashes at this intersection between 2007 and 2012 involved drivers turning right out of Blacks Road onto North East Road.

The State Government proposed scheme will eliminate the right turn movement at this location and hence removes a cause source of the crashes that have been experienced here. Major turn movements will now be provided through the upgrade of Blacks Road (south) and the provision of a further set of traffic signals on Sudholz Road.

Following the consultation, minor changes have been made to cater for local resident access and further changes have been conducted to the proposed upgraded shopping centre.

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