Safety upgrades for right-turns

10 Dec 2014

Upgrades to right-turn lanes will be made at several key intersections across metropolitan Adelaide.

The upgrades target locations identified through an assessment of right-turn crash history between 2009 and 2013. About half of serious casualty crashes that occur within the Adelaide metropolitan area occur at intersections.

The works will include extending the right-turn lanes on some approaches and controlling right-turns with traffic lights.

There is a potential to significantly reduce crashes at these locations that saw a combined 89 right-turn crashes, which resulted in 12 serious injuries and 77 minor injuries from 2009 to 2013.

The following intersections will be upgraded:

  • North East Road / Grand Junction Road
  • Woodville Road / Torrens Road
  • Findon Road / Trimmer Parade / Fife Street
  • West Lakes Boulevard / Frederick Road
  • West Lakes Boulevard / Tapleys Hill Road
  • Marion Road / Mooringe Avenue
  • Grange Road / Frederick Road
  • Montague Road / Belalie Road
  • Montague Road / Reservoir Road / Ladywood Road
  • Grand Junction Road / Valley Road
  • Trimmer Parade / Frederick Road
  • Panalatinga Road / Pimpala Road

This project is funded by the Motor Accident Commission’s Road Safety Fund at a total investment of $2.4 million with an additional $400 000 provided as part of the State Government’s Responsive Road Safety Program.

MAC Board Chairman Mr Roger Cook AM said improvements to intersections were a key strategy of the State Road Safety Action Plan.

“Intersections do present a road safety risk to road users, particularly those carrying out right-turns,” Mr Cook said.

The works are expected to be completed in 2015, weather permitting.

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