Hills intersection and motorcycle safety improvements

14 Sep 2014


A range of intersection upgrades and motorcycle safety improvements will take place in the Adelaide Hills over the next two years.

The $10.4 million investment provided via the Motor Accident Commission Road Safety Fund will include $9 million as part of the Adelaide Hills Priority Program and a further $1.4 million as part of the Motorcycle Safety Program.

Premier Jay Weatherill said the works will see a major upgrade take place at the Elizabeth- Williamstown Road / Gawler-Kersbrook Road intersection including the construction of a $3.5 million roundabout.

“These funds will allow a range of works to progress and further our commitment to reducing the road toll,” Mr Weatherill said.

Road Safety Minister Tony Piccolo said between 2008 and 2012 there have been twelve accidents at the Elizabeth-Williamstown Road / Gawler-Kersbrook Road intersection, resulting in one death, three serious injuries and four minor injuries.

"This busy intersection provides links Kersbrook, Gawler, Elizabeth, Salisbury, Golden Grove and Humbug Scrub, and it is vital that safety is improved," he said. "The roundabout will improve driver safety by reducing the points of conflict at the intersection as well as minimising the risk of right-angle or rear-end crashes.”

Other works include a $250,000 upgrade of the intersection at Williamstown-Birdwood Road / Springton Road, and an upgrade at the Tea Tree Gully-Mannum Road / Tippett Road junction.

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Stephen Mullighan said just over $5 million has also been committed to address road-side hazards throughout the Adelaide Hills.

"We are targeting a number of roads to help drivers return their vehicle safely back into their lane if they veer off, and reduce impact severity should an accident occur,” he said. "Typical treatments as part of these works include guard rails, motorcycle safety barriers, culvert extensions and shoulder sealing.”

Motor Accident Commission Board Chairman Mr Roger Cook AM said the works will reduce fatalities and casualty crashes in the Adelaide Hills, which suffer a disproportionate number of serious accidents.

“The Motor Accident Commission Road Safety Fund exists to improve road safety in South Australia,” he said.

The motorcycle safety infrastructure program will include the installation of 'rub rail’, often placed under an existing guard fence on the outside of bends to help motorcyclists’ recover in the event of an accident.

Mr Piccolo said motorcycles account for approximately three percent of all registered vehicles but around 15 percent of all fatalities, so improvements in motorcycle safety are paramount.

“In addition to this, $400,000 has already been invested under the Responsive Road Safety Program to improve motorcycle safety in the Adelaide Hills,” Mr Piccolo said.

"The transport department will soon receive results of a recent motorcycle safety audit carried out with an instrumented motorcycle – a first for South Australia – that will capture data to help improve safety for riders at popular motorcycle locations within the Adelaide Hills."

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