Feedback on Road Safety Initiatives for our Young Drivers

19 Aug 2012

Graduated Licensing Scheme

Read the report (PDF)

Road Safety Minister Jennifer Rankine has released a report on the outcomes of public consultation in response to four proposals designed to help save young drivers’ lives.

The initiatives outlined in the Graduated Licensing Scheme Initiatives to Protect Young Drivers Discussion Paper are:

> Passenger restrictions for P1 drivers (with an exemption system)

> Night driving restrictions for P1 drivers (with an exemption system)

> Raising the minimum age for a P1 licence from 17 to 18

> Extending the total minimum time on a provisional licence from two to three years.

"Over the last decade, almost 4,000 young people aged between 16 and 24 have been killed or seriously injured on our roads," Ms Rankine said.

“Driving is likely to be one of the riskiest activities young South Australians will ever undertake on a daily basis.

“People aged between 16 to 19 make up 5% of the population but tragically they account for 13% of serious casualties in South Australia each year.

“Young drivers aged 16 to 19 who live in rural SA are two and a half times more likely to die or be seriously injured in a crash than young drivers in metropolitan Adelaide. The proposed initiatives have the potential to significantly reduce road trauma and save lives."

More than 1,000 submissions were received from road safety and youth interest groups, the health sector, Members of Parliament, local government, community road safety groups and the public.

There is also a fifth proposal to remove regression to a previous licence stage for disqualified drivers, simplifying the licensing process.

Ms Rankine said the feedback has been invaluable in determining support for each of the five initiatives.

"When factoring in the collective opinions, there is general support for passenger and night driving restrictions with appropriate exemptions, extending the provisional licence and removing regression,” she said.

Raising the minimum age for a P1 licence from 17 to 18 years received the least support and the Government will take this considerable feedback into consideration.

The proposals will be considered by Cabinet and a Bill will be introduced into Parliament early next year.

Further information on the initiatives proposed for L & P drivers.

Visit MyLicence for current L & P licence information.

Download the media release.

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