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Safety Alerts & Constributions Archive in Alpha Order

Back Strain  Nov-16
Cable failure Nov-18      Independent Consultant
Circular Saw Injury Jul-16
Concrete Line Blockages Nov-18      Independent Consultant
Construction Dust Sept-18
Contact with 600V DC Overhead Supply Jul-18
Crane Arm Jan-17
Damaged Power Board Jun-16
Damaged Water Main Apr-16
Demo Saw Cutting Disk Shatters Nov-17
Electric Shock Oct-16
Electrical Generators Jul-16
Failed Chain Block Jan-17
Fall through Scaffolding  York Civil
Fire Hazards and containment netting Nov-18
Footbridge Damage Dec-16
Forklift Fatality  SAFEgroup
Gas Cylinder Transportation Oct-18
Generator fuel explosion in back of truck  SAFEgroup
Hand Injuries May-17
'Landslide' Tipper Liner Nov-18       Independent Consultant
'Live' Gas Bottle July-17
Loading and unloading plant Apr-18
Missing Pole Fillers  Nilsen
Mobile Crane rollover May-18
Mobile crane rollover onto four lane road  SAFEgroup
Objects in vehicles becoming projectiles Jul-18
Punctured Thumb Jul-16
Quick Cut Saw kickback Sep-16
Rebar Impalement Mar18
Rebar Through Boot  York Civil
Rigging Chain injury May-16
Road Rail Vehicle Runaway Nov-18       Independent Consultant
Rock Grab falls off trailer Nov-18       Independent Consultant
SA Power Networks Incident May-16
Safety Device failure Nov-18       Independent Consultant
Scaffolding Fatality  York Civil
Shoring Box Safety Nov-17
Snake Safety Nov-17
Solvent vapour explosion during engine maintenance task Independent consultant
Temporary Power  Nilsen
Traffic Controller Incident Jun-16
Trench Collapse Jul-16
Truck nose-to-tail collision Nov-18       Independent Consultant
Unsecured Materials Aug-16
Unsecured Stormwater Pit Lid Apr-16
Vehicle Stabilisers and Outriggers  SAFEgroup