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Planning and Design Code

A single set of planning rules to enable high quality development

The Planning and Design Code (the Code) is the cornerstone of South Australia’s new planning system. The Code will replace all development plans to become the single source of planning policy for assessing development applications across the state.

The Code will provide South Australians with planning policy that is consistent and clear, making the planning process quicker, simpler and more equitable. This will help the community to navigate the planning system when building a house, developing a business or progressing large commercial developments.

The Code is being progressively introduced across South Australia, commencing in the outback before moving to rural council areas and concluding in urban areas.

Next steps for the Planning and Design Code

Following close of consultation of the draft Planning and Design Code for Phase Two (Rural areas) and Phase Three (Urban areas), a What We Have Heard Report will be released followed by an Engagement Report which will be forwarded to the Minister for consideration in making a decision. Following the Minister’s approval, the finalised Planning and Design Code along with the ePlanning platform will be made publicly available so that everyone has an opportunity to see and experience it before it is implemented in SA’s rural areas in July and urban areas in September.

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Page last modified Wednesday, 19 August 2020