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ePlanning will take South Australian planning online

The PDI Act 2016 provides for the new SA Planning Portal, a one-stop shop website for information, online services and community participation relating to the South Australian planning system.

South Australians will now have the planning information they need at their fingertips, and will be able to access the planning system 24 hours a day using their computer, phone or tablet.

Completed In progress Pending
  • SA Planning Portal Phase 3.0 redesign released

    Completed March 2018

  • SA Planning Portal Phase 2.1 redesign released

    Completed November 2018

  • SA Planning Portal Phase 2.0 redesign released based on customer needs

    Completed March 2018

  • External stakeholder workshops with Portal customers to scope needs

    Completed November 2017

  • Council Connect engagement space released

    Completed October 2017

  • New consolidated Public Register released

    Completed May 2017

  • SA Planning Portal Phase 1.0 launched

    Completed December 2016

  • State Planning Commission website launched

    Completed June 2017

ePlanning will take the South Australian planning system online and will allow South Australians to:

  • lodge development applications online, using a single application form
  • easily monitor and track progress of development applications online
  • receive decision notices electronically – and get faster approvals
  • gain 24/7 fast access to searchable and reliable planning information, publications, maps and data
  • easily access the latest planning news and updates
  • access online planning policy and spatial map information online
  • submit and track Planning and Design Code amendments online
  • check the online register of accredited professionals
  • use online help tools such as:
    • an interactive building with click and view areas to highlight what is exempt from requiring approvals
    • a questionnaire to check if an application needs to be submitted and, if so, the associated planning policy

The following ePlanning services are available now as part of the modernisation of South Australia’s planning system:

The following ePlanning services are currently under development as part of the ePlanning program: 

  • Replacing the Electronic Land Division Lodgement system with a new, easy-to-use system which will include additional features
  • Online lodgement for development applications
  • Online enquiry tools such as a questionnaire and an interactive building and spatial maps
  • Online solutions to support the new Planning and Design Code
  • Updating the public register to enable development applications to be viewed spatially on a map.

Page last modified Thursday, 7 February 2019