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Charter Toolkit

This is a living toolkit and new tools and case studies are welcome. Please email your suggestions to

The Community Engagement Charter Toolkit is a living, interactive guide that helps practitioners fulfil their obligations under the Community Engagement Charter when planning for engagement.

The toolkit provides step-by-step guidance together with a range of templates, case studies and examples to help develop the best engagement approach for different types of projects, policies or schemes.

Requirements of the Charter must be met when creating or amending a designated instrument which includes State Planning PoliciesRegional Plans, Design Standards and the Planning and Design Code. Requirements must also be met when creating or amending an Infrastructure Scheme.

Mandatory aspects of the Charter

  • Engagement plan - An engagement plan must be prepared and approved by  the State Planning Commission (with exception to a Code amendment and a design standard) and demonstrate that Step 1 and Step 2 of the Toolkit have been achieved. The engagement plan template provided is a guide only and is not required to be used.
  • Evaluation - The State Planning Commission’s (the Commission) minimum performance indicators must be used to measure the success of engagement against the Charter’s principles. These must be included in the engagement plan and are analysed in the engagement report.
  • Engagement report - An engagement report must be prepared for the Minister for Planning at the conclusion of the engagement process. It is recommended that the engagement report template is used in order to satisfy all of the information requirements for the report.
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Page last modified Monday, 7 September 2020