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Private Certification

The register of private certifiers has moved: Registered private certifiers have been relocated to the Register of Accredited Professionals, which displays all planning and building professionals accredited under either the Development Act 1993 or the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016.

Planning and building professionals accredited under the Development Act 1993

All building work classed as ‘development’ requires a development approval under the Development Act 1993. An approval usually consists of two or more consents being a planning consent and a building rules consent.

Private Certifiers can perform the same duties as councils in relation to granting building rules consent and limited planning consent. All Private Certifiers must be registered and adhere to a code of practice.

A registered private certifier possesses building surveying and/or planning qualifications, has demonstrated experience in assessing various types of buildings and holds a policy for professional indemnity insurance.

To learn about professionals accredited under the new PDI Act 2016, please see the Accredited Professionals Scheme

Information for private certifiers

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Information for applicants

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Page last modified Monday, 28 October 2019