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Safety, Induction and PPE


The contractor or applicant shall ensure that all employees, visitors and other personnel employed or present on railway property in areas generally excluded from the public, shall at all times (day and night) wear high visibility orange clothing, in accordance with Rail Commissioner PPE standards.

The contractor or applicant shall ensure that no red or green clothing, including hats and safety helmets, are to be worn by any employee, visitor or other personnel of the contractor or applicant while on railway property, in areas generally excluded from the public.

Safety Induction

The minimum competency and induction requirements for persons accessing the AMPRN Rail Corridor are determined based on the nature of a person’s access, location of work; and if their planned activities meet the definition of Rail Safety Work under Rail Safety National Law.

The Team Leader Network Access or delegate will make the determination whether the work being conducted is Rail Safety Work or not through the Network Access process and will advise on the induction or competency required. Each application will be assessed on a case by case basis and previous determinations should not be used as an indicator of the induction required.

Any person intending to access the rail corridor must hold, carry and present evidence of their required competency and induction. Failure to comply with the minimum competency and induction requirements may result in workers refused access or removed from the network.

Workers Conducting Rail Safety Work

As a minimum entry requirement; persons undertaking Rail Safety Work within the AMPRN Rail Corridor will require a Rail Industry Worker (RIW) Card with the DPTI Operator – Contractor Role. To obtain the DPTI -Contractor role you will require evidence confirming:

  • Successful attainment of the national unit of competence TLIF2080 Safely Access the Rail Corridor; and
  • Completion of the online DPTI Rail Safety Induction Contractor.  NB: this component will require refresh every 3 years.Should this apply you will be advised during the formal review process of your application. If you do not have an RIW Card with the appropriate role, applying for an RIW Card and fulfilling the role requirements will delay your access by at least 2 weeks. This is due to the level of training being aligned to a nationally accredited unit of competency and the rigor around confirming evidence.

Instructions on how to obtain an RIW Card can be found here.

If you currently hold a RIW card, but require assistance in obtaining the DPTI Operator - Contractor Role please refer to refer to the rail industry worker video tutorials.

Go to DPTI's Rail Industry Worker Card page for more information about how DPTI have implemented the RIW Card.

Workers Not Conducting Rail Safety Work

Persons required to enter the Rail Corridor but not conducting Rail Safety Work will be required to complete the online Rail Commissioner’s Rail Safety Induction as a minimum entry requirement. Listed below are examples of work that meets this criteria:

  • Work that is not considered Rail Safety Work and is undertaken in public accessible areas of the heavy rail corridor or closed tram corridor (platforms, station buildings, maze ways, adjacent land etc).
  • Work in the shared tram corridor that is not considered Rail Safety Work but requires authorization from Network Access (see Accessing the AMPRN Procedure (PR-RC-NA-267).
  • Deliveries to the rail corridor or depots, outside of the Danger Zone.
  • Emergency, one–off or short term entry where it is not reasonably practical to expect the contractor to obtain RIW - Must be accompanied by a PO at all times.
  • Work within depots, where depot induction has been undertaken and local depot arrangements can exclude rolling stock movement or provide necessary protection (This excludes work being undertaken on OHW within deports).
  • External Third parties (i.e. Utilities) not contracted by DPTI/Rail Commissioner working within the rail corridor – Must be accompanied by a PO at all times. Once the online Rail Commissioner’s Rail Safety Induction is completed an acknowledgement will be emailed to your smart device. You must retain this evidence of completion as you will be required to show this (along with photo ID) to the Protection Officer on-site in order to gain access to the AMPRN. This induction remains valid for a period of 3 years after which time you will be required to refresh and complete the module again to ensure knowledge is current and up to date.Did you know you can use your smart device to carry digital copies of your licences and photo identification? To how find out how, visit mySAGOV and look at the "How do I digitise my passes and licenses?" information?

Exclusions from Completing Any Form of Rail Safety Induction

The following are not required to undertake any form of network induction, however depot or site induction may be required:

  • Emergency Services – Access granted by Operations Control Centre (OCC) Shift Manager after appropriate protections are put in place.
  • Delivery Drivers – Delivering to depots or buildings outside of the Rail Corridor.
  • Contractors or employees not undertaking Rail Safety Work on buildings or structures within depots that are outside of the Rail Corridor, or within the controlled maintenance facility.
  • In certain circumstances, persons not in possession of a valid induction or competency may gain supervised access to the AMPRN by gaining approval from the Team Leader, Network Access.

Interim Measures – Until 30 June 2019

In order to allow employees and contractors sufficient time to transition from the legacy RSA card to the RIW Card and to try and prevent unnecessary delays in granting access to the AMPRN, the following forms of induction are acceptable to allow entry into AMPRN until 30 June 2019:

  • RSA Card with valid expiry date up to 30 June 2019
  • Other Australian Rail Network Induction Card and Rail Commissioner’s Rail Safety Induction.

Please refer to the FAQ Page for further information on what is Rail Safety Work as well as further details on the minimum competency and induction requirements.

If you have any questions or need more information please contact our Rail Network Access Team on 0408 312 340 or email

For engineering advice call 7109 8450 and we will arrange the appropriate person to contact you.