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Safety, Induction and PPE


The contractor or applicant shall ensure that all employees, visitors and other personnel employed or present on railway property in areas generally excluded from the public, shall at all times (day and night) wear high visibility orange clothing, in accordance with Rail Commissioner PPE standards.

The contractor or applicant shall ensure that no red or green clothing, including hats and safety helmets, are to be worn by any employee, visitor or other personnel of the contractor or applicant while on railway property, in areas generally excluded from the public.

Safety Induction

Further to a network access application, anyone wishing to access the AMPRN is required to complete an induction. The nature of the work and type of network access will determine the level of induction and or evidence of competency required.

In some instances a Rail Industry Worker (RIW) Card will be deemed necessary. Should this apply you will be advised during the formal review process of your application. If you do not have an RIW Card with the appropriate role, applying for an RIW Card and fulfilling the role requirements will delay your access by at least 2 weeks. This is due to the level of training being aligned to a nationally accredited unit of competency and the rigor around confirming evidence.

The network access department will accept evidence of one of the three safety induction options outlined below. Remember, as part of the review process you may be asked to obtain an RIW Card. All three options require you to carry evidence of completion to gain entry to the AMPRN and produce upon request.

The Rail Commissioner's safety induction options for access to the AMPRN are:

1: You are a current cardholder of a valid DPTI Rail Safety Awareness (RSA) Card

If you are a current cardholder of a valid RSA card, you have already completed the required safety induction training.  Please note however, that this will remain valid only up until 30 June 2019.  All RSA cards will be phased out by this date and replaced with either the Rail Industry Worker (RIW) card or the Rail Commissioner’s Rail Safety Induction to the Adelaide Metropolitan Passenger Rail Network (AMPRN).

2: You are a current card holder of the Rail Industry Worker (RIW) Card

If you currently hold a RIW card, please ensure you have applied for the role DPTI Operator - Contractor Role. Successful completion of the DPTI Contractor role will require evidence confirming:

  • Successful attainment of the national unit of competence TLIF2080 Safely Access the Rail Corridor; and
  • Completion of the online DPTI Rail Safety Induction Contractor.  NB: this component will require refresh every 3 years.

Go to DPTI's Rail Industry Worker Card page for more information about how DPTI have implemented the RIW Card.
For assistance in applying for the operator role, refer to the rail industry worker video tutorials.

3: You do not hold either an RSA card or RIW card.

You will need to complete the Rail Commissioner’s Rail Safety Induction to the Adelaide Metropolitan Passenger Rail Network (AMPRN).

Once this training is completed an acknowledgement will be emailed to your smart device. You must retain this evidence of completion as you will be required to show this (along with photo ID) to the Protection Officer on-site in order to gain access to the AMPRN. This induction remains valid for a period of 3 years after which time you will be required to refresh and complete the module again to ensure knowledge is current and up to date.

Did you know you can use your smart device to carry digital copies of your licences and photo identification? To how find out how, visit mySAGOV and look at the "How do I digitise my passes and licences?" information?

If you have any questions or need more information please contact our Rail Network Access Team on 0408 312 340 or email

For engineering advice call 7109 8450 and we will arrange the appropriate person to contact you.