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Rail Industry Worker Card

The Rail Industry Worker (RIW) Card is a national competency management system that meets regulatory requirements and complies with rail safety national law.

For work on the Adelaide Metropolitan Passenger Rail Network (AMPRN) a RIW card may be required depending on the type of network access and work that will be completed, especially where you are identified as a rail safety worker.  For further information on identifying rail safety work refer to the following Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator (ONRSR) guidelineIf you are unsure whether this applies to you or need more information please contact our Rail Network Access Team on 0408 312 340 or email

You may also be advised during the formal review process of your network access application that you require an RIW card.  Should this apply to you this may delay your application whilst you apply for your RIW card and the appropriate role.

Please note that from 1 August 2018 DPTI ceased offering the online or face-to-face Rail Safety Awareness (RSA) training, issuing RSA ID Cards and our RSA office at Mile End is closed.

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How does the Rail Industry Worker Card work?

By law, everyone working on the Australian rail network must be able to provide proof of competency.  The Rail Industry Worker (RIW) Card is issued after a 100 point ID check is completed and is held by the individual.  The RIW Card will show their name, photograph ID, a unique identifier number and the date of issue.  The RIW card becomes the location where evidence of induction, training or competency can be stored.

The Benefits of transitioning from DPTI's Rail Safety Awareness (RSA) card to the RIW card

  • An individual will obtain an accredited unit of competence by an RTO. This was not possible through DPTI's RSA Training.
  • The RIW Card is a nationally recognised card used by other rail networks locally and interstate, including but not limited to; ARTC, John Holland Rail, Queensland Rail.
  • By acknowledging the required unit of competency and RIW Card that an individual may hold from working with another rail operator, duplication across rail operators will be reduced

DPTI's Operator Roles

DPTI have implemented two different operator roles depending on whether you are a contractor or employee for access to the AMPRN.

  • For a contractor, the operator role is termed "DPTI Operator - Contractor".
  • Contractor operator role requirements are:

  1. A signed RIW Card Acceptance Agreement Form (CAAF)
  2. A statement of attainment of TLIF2080 Safely Access the Rail Corridor as issued by an accredited Registered Training Organisation (RTO) at the time of completion.
    • RTO's that deliver the unit of competence are available nationally.  In South Australia we are aware of the Centre for Excellence in Rail Training (CERT Training), the Instruction Company and Pinnacle.  Please note that this list of providers may change.  Some rail operators will be very specific as to where you must get the unit of competency which you may need to consider if you are seeking recognition by more than one operator.
    • You can complete this training interstate.  A full list of registered training organisations is available here.
  3. An online 40 minute DPTI Rail Safety Induction course which includes an acknowledgement of the Drug and Alcohol Policy.  This is completed through the RIW Card online system when you apply for your card remains valid for 3 years.
  • For a DPTI employee, the operator role is termed "DPTI Operator - Employee".
  • DPTI's Organisation Performance Development (OPD) team will manage the transition from RSA to the RIW Card for our employees.  For more information refer to the Rail Network Access page on DPTI's intranet.

What you will need to do?

For a contractor company:

  1. You will need to register in Pegasus' Onsite System.
  2. Once registered, an individual will be able to apply for a RIW Card (100 point ID check required).
  3. An individual can then apply for the relevant DPTI  Operator Role. For a contractor, the role will be "DPTI Operator - Contractor"

Information on how to do this and the process to apply for an RIW Card can be found here:
You might also find these video tutorials of some assistance:

For a DPTI employee:

DPTI's Organisation Performance Development (OPD) team will manage the transition from RSA to the RIW Card for our employees.  For more information refer to the Rail Network Access page on DPTI's intranet.

What is the cost?

  1. Pegasus charges $100.00 (plus GST) for the RIW Card.
  2. The cost and delivery time frame for the unit of competence TLIF2080 Safely Access the Rail Corridor will be determined by the RTO you select.
  3. It will cost $10.00 (plus GST) to complete the online induction module as part of the DPTI Operator - Contractor role.
  4. Pegasus charges an annual fee to maintain an individual's RIW Card of $30.00 (plus GST).

Further notes

All other forms and processes for network access remain the same with regards to accessing the Adelaide Metropolitan Passenger Rail Network (AMPRN).  More information can be found here.