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Proactive Disclosure of Procurement Policy and Procedures

The Department for Infrastructure and Transport (DIT) subscribes to open and transparent practices in relation to the procurement of construction, goods and services for South Australians. The below polices and procedures are made available pursuant to the open government policy.

State Procurement Board policies and guidelines inform and guide Departmental policies and procedures where relevant.

Additionally, relevant Departmental Policy and Procedures are pursuant to Free Trade Agreements, in particular Article 15 of the US Free Trade Agreement which prescribes certain requirements that government authorities must comply with in their procurement processes.

The State Procurement Board International Obligations Policy which relates to Free Trade agreement obligations can be found on the State Procurement Board website.

Departmental Policy

PR100 Authorisations Summary

PR113 Probity Principles

PR114 Engagement of Probity Auditors

PR115 Confidentiality and Conflict of Interest

PR115-1 Confidentiality and Conflict of Interest Declaration (form) - Tender Evaluation

PR115-2 Deed of Confidentiality Tenderers & Contractors

PR115-3 Deed of Confidentiality - Authorised Persons

PR117 Intellectual Property

PR118 Risk Management

PR119 Supplier Communication and Complaints Guidelines

PR124 Asset Disposal and Sale

PR361 Late Tenders Policy

The above policies and procedures are intended solely for The Department's internal use. In addition to the above policies, The Department uses various internal systems to comply with the SA Government procurement practices which are available through the Freedom of Information Act.