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Office Accommodation Services

The Department of Infrastructure and Transport (DIT) is responsible for the management of the South Australian Government’s office accommodation in leased and owned buildings. The Department plans and manages agency accommodation needs to ensure that each workplace meets government standards and the requirements of employees. The Department is responsible for strategic planning and whole-of-government corporate property advice. Primary responsibilities are the management of leases in privately owned buildings, the management of government owned office buildings and day to day property management including payment and collection of rent.

DIT is the South Australian Government’s single point of contact for the commercial property market in the leasing of government office accommodation.

Request for Office Accommodation

Request for Office Accommodation Form

Please note: the Request for Office Accommodation Form is currently being revised to reflect up to 12m²/per person not 14m²/ per person in line with new office accommodation standards and the revision of PCO18.

Government Office Accommodation Policy Framework (PC018)

The Premier and Cabinet Circular PC018 Government Office Accommodation Framework was revised in February 2019.  The circular sets out the policy adopted by Cabinet to govern the management of office accommodation leased or owned by the South Australian Government.

Click here for further information and to view the Framework.

Government Fit-out Standards

The Government Fit-out Standards have been developed by the Department of Infrastructure and Transport. They outline the Government of South Australia workplace design approach and provide a set of guidelines for establishing standardised office accommodation in government owned and leased premises.

Click here to view the Government Fit-out Standards

Co-working Design Principles

These co-working design and management principles for South Australian Government Office Accommodation were endorsed by the Senior Management Council (SMC) on 17 September 2014. While they were conceptualised for the project surrounding the provision of new or redeveloped office accommodation in Port Adelaide, they will be incorporated into the government office accommodation fit-out standards for broader application of the co-working or cluster model.

  1. High volume routine transaction based activities are provided through a single service delivery point, such as Service SA, to provide customers a simplified interaction from a seamless and unified government of South Australia.
  2. Work environments are activity based, to provide the flexibility for employees to work from various locations within the accommodation, to support the diverse needs of teams as they evolve in real time and to create knowledge sharing and interactions.
  3. Physical barriers within and between agencies reflect functional requirements and are minimised in favour of zones where interaction and knowledge sharing can occur.
  4. High security areas are limited to meet legislative requirements, with security in other areas to meet the confidentiality requirements of the State Government’s Code of Conduct.
  5. Shared ICT (including network, phone systems, and support services) and shared management and storage of government records is maximised.
  6. Major accommodation initiatives are actively supported by a change process with dedicated change management champions in each agency involved to specifically manage all associated issues of people, culture, processes and systems, to ensure success of the transition to a new way of working.

Space Standards

The mandatory office accommodation space standards for all new, refurbished or upgraded fit outs are a maximum of 14m² per person and less than 10% of persons in enclosed offices. Final approved space usage is based on a fit-for-purpose test according to service delivery requirements and/or building floor plate.

The Government Office Accommodation Space Usage Table is to be used for calculating the total area (m²) required to accommodate staff and facilities. It is important to note that the areas indicated for workstations and enclosed offices are maximum allowable space targets, and actual areas can be less than these targets.

Government Office Accommodation Space Usage Table

Green Fit-out Guide

Green Fit-out Guide

The Green Fit-out Guide provides a list of ecologically sustainable measures for consideration by design teams and building occupants and applies to government fit-outs.


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