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Welcome to metroMATE!

Adelaide Metro’s new and only official public transport app is here!

Now available for Android and with new Nearby Stops mode!

  • Do you want real time public transport information?
  • Would you like to see how far away your bus is on a map?

Then metroMATE is for you.

It can even tell you when to leave your current location in time to catch your service!

Now with new "Nearby Stops"mode!

Find your current location and all bus, train or tram stops near you. Then select a stop and see the next services to depart that stop in real time.

Download in the app store by clicking here Get it on Google Play

Do you want to know more about metroMATE?

View our frequently asked questions.

The new Adelaide Metro public transport app is now available for download to Android and iPhone mobiles.

metroMATE app features include...

  • Nearby Stop mode - we find you and your nearest services
  • Adelaide Metro transport journey planning
  • Showing your service in real-time as it approaches
  • Giving disruption information that could affect you
  • Saving your favourite destinations
  • Setting alarms for upcoming journeys, and
  • Telling you when to head to your stop in time to catch your service

Future release features include:

  • metroCARD balance display
  • enhanced journey functionality
  • Ability to rate your ride
  • Ability to attach photographs and provide feedback about transport

...with more features to come from your feedback!

Get the metroMATE app now!

Download metroMATE from Google Play and the App Store today!