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Intergovernmental relations

State-Local Government Relations Agreement

The South Australian Government and the Local Government Association (LGA) have an agreement to improve consultation arrangements and communication practices, and to build a closer, more productive and collaborative working relationship between state and local government.

The State-Local Government Relations Agreement 2015 (PDF 197.2 KB) includes an overarching statement that sets out the principles and protocols for working relations between State and Local Government.

The Schedule of Priorities 2016-17 (PDF 16.4 KB) outlines annual priorities for joint action between State and Local Government.

Consultation Flowchart - Legislative Proposals

The Consultation Flowchart - Legislative Proposals (PDF 77.3 KB) is a communication and consultation guide for the development of legislative proposals that have a significant impact on local government. It supports greater certainty of process by bringing state and local government sectors together to work more closely on legislative change.

A summary paper (PDF 34.0 KB) provides an overview of the process and sets out the role of state government agencies in developing legislative change affecting local government.

Premier's State/Local Government Forum

The Premier's State/Local Government Forum provides advice on matters of priority to both state and local government and that require their cooperation to reach effective resolution.

The forum is held annually and produces communiqués summarising the outcomes:

Communique - 14 June 2017 Forum - (PDF 82.4 KB)

Communique - 20 March 2017 Forum (PDF 69.3 KB)

Communique - 14 December 2016 Forum (PDF 79.6 KB)

Communique - 23 September 2016 Forum (PDF 75.3 KB)

Communique - 5 August 2016 Forum (PDF 130.3 KB)

Communique - 13 May 2016 Forum (PDF 134.3 KB)

Communique - 16 December 2015 Forum (PDF 129.3 KB)

Communique - 17 September 2015 Forum (PDF 64.6 KB)

Communique - 29 April 2015 Forum (PDF 138 KB)

Communique - 28 January 2015 Forum (PDF 147.1 KB)

Communique - 26 September 2014 Forum (PDF 103.4 KB)

Communique - 4 October 2013 Forum (PDF 506.4 KB)

National Intergovernmental Agreement

The Intergovernmental Agreement Establishing Principles Guiding Intergovernmental Relations on Local Government Matters (IGA) (PDF 800.6 KB) enables federal, state and local government to work together for the benefit of communities. It was signed in 2006 by the Federal Minister for Local Government, State and Territory Ministers for Local Government and the President of the LGA on behalf of its members.