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Changes to council boundaries

South Australian Local Government Boundaries Commission

On 1 January 2019, the South Australian Local Government Boundaries Commission was formed, as the independent body that assesses and investigates council boundary change proposals, and makes recommendations to the Minister.

The Commission's responsibilities and procedures are set out in the Local Government Act 1999 (Chapter 3, Part 2), which can be accessed via the South Australian Legislation website. The Commission has also prepared Guidelines that detail the process by which it will receive, assess and progress council boundary change proposals.

Sometimes there is confusion between council boundaries and boundaries under planning legislation. Details of planning boundaries and policy can be found at

Guidelines for preparing a proposal


Guideline 6 was amended on 11 February 2019 to clarify how groups and body corporates should be considered to determine the prescribed number of eligible electors. Guideline 6 was also amended on 25 September 2019 to clarify submission requirements for proposals initiated by members of the public.  These submissions must now nominate an eligible elector, or a small group of eligible electors, to submit the proposal on behalf of the wider group, and to be the chief contact point for the Commission.  Public initiated submissions must also contain details of discussions that have been held with all relevant councils.

Guideline 3 was amended on 2 July 2020 to provide clarity on community consultation requirements for General Proposals.

Publication Policy

This policy sets out the procedures for the South Australia Local Government Boundaries Commission (Commission) for the Publication of documentation relating to council boundary change proposals received by the Commission.


InitiatorPotential ProposalBoundaries Commission ResponseGeneral ProposalBoundaries Commission Response
Light Regional Council

Light Regional Council Potential Proposal

Response to Light Regional Council

Notification to Affected Councils
Campbelltown City Council Campbelltown City Council Potential Proposal

Response to Campbelltown City Council

Notification to Adelaide Hills Council

City of BurnsideCity of Burnside Potential Proposal

Response to City of Burnside and Adelaide Hills 

Notification to Boral

The Barossa Council

The Barossa Council Potential Proposal

The Barossa Council Potential Proposal - Additional Information

Response to The Barossa Council

Notification to Affected Councils
Town of GawlerTown of Gawler Potential ProposalResponse to Town of Gawler

Notification to Affected Councils 

Contact Details

Boundaries Commission
GPO Box 2329 Adelaide SA 5001
Phone: (08) 7109 7443