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How to seek an Independent Review by Valuer

Review by an independent valuer

A person who remains dissatisfied with the determination of the Valuer-General upon objection can apply for a review of the valuation by an independent valuer within 21 days following receipt of the objection decision.


The fees for lodging a review application.

2020-2021 financial year

  • $114.00 for land used solely as your principal place of residence
  • $284.00 for any other land

A separate application is required for each review sought, and a fee applies for each application.

Lodgement and fee payment:

Post:  The Registrar, Valuation Review Panel, GPO Box 1354 Adelaide SA 5001 (cheque)

In Person:   Office of the Valuer-General, Ground Floor, 101 Grenfell Street, Adelaide  (cash, credit card, cheque)

For further information please refer to the Fact Sheet- 'Review of Valuation' or contact the Office of the Valuer-General:


Phone: 1300 653 346


The Office of the Valuer-General will notify you of the decision in writing - the property value may be confirmed (maintained), reduced or increased.

If the independent review valuer determines that the value should be reduced by an amount greater than 10% of the Valuer-General's value, then that value will be adopted and the application fee refunded.

If you are dissatisfied with the Valuer-General’s decision by the Independent Review Valuer you can seek an review of the decision by SACAT.  To apply online or for more information visit: