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Frequently Asked Questions

Why has my value changed? or Why is my value higher? or Why did my value lower?

Extensive research and data collection has been undertaken for the most recent General Valuation to identify errors and/or missing information. This has resulted in some properties having changes more pronounced that the average percentage of change due to market shifts.

Such reviews are commonplace and best practice to ensure accuracy.

Changes to land zoning, the physical nature of the property or market trends can also impact the value.

If your property value is now much higher/lower, it is not because you are now over or under valued, but rather it is now at a more accurate level.

Was my valuation wrong before?

The Office of the Valuer-General in conjunction with Land Services SA undertake approximately 1,850,000 valuation each year. They are reliant on the information available. The recent enhanced data collection and review allowed for an improvement in information which improved accuracy in valuations.

If my value was wrong previously, will I have to pay back charges or am I entitled to a refund?

No. Any changes identified as part of this most recent General Valuation investigation can not be retrospectively applied in accordance with The Act.

Will my Council Rates go up? And what about Emergency Services Levy, Land Tax and Water Rates?

Not necessarily. Council budgets are adjusted annually to ensure continued service to their community. So whilst your value has increased, the rate in the dollar charged with regard to that value may drop.

There may be changes to your Emergency Services Levy, SA Water or Land Tax and any enquiries should be directed to those parties. The Valuer-General does not raise or charge any rates, taxes or levies.

I have never paid Land Tax before, why am I getting a bill now?

The Government has set thresholds for when Land Tax becomes applicable. The value of your property may now fall into that category.

What are my options if I don’t agree with the Valuation?

You can ring the Call Centre on 8423 5000 who will be able to assist you. Alternatively, you can refer to the Valuer-General’s website for information on how to lodge an Objection.

My valuation differs from my neighbours? Noting that this could be higher or lower

There may be factors contributing to the difference – eg recorded house area. However, if you are concerned your valuation is incorrect, please contact the Call Centre on 8423 5000 who will be able to assist you. Alternatively, you can refer to the Valuer-General’s website for information on how to lodge an Objection.

My neighbour received a letter and I didn’t – why is that?

The Valuer-General does not raise rates, taxes or levies however is mindful that there may be implications to land owners. Working collaboratively with the Office of State Revenue and Local Governments, we undertook to communicate with individual land owners across the State as best as possible. Following analysis, we identified certain criteria such as percentage of change in value and percentage of change in applicable tax, rate or levy which assisted in identifying those land owners.

Who is LSSA?

Land Services SA was appointed as the exclusive Service Provider to the South Australian Government for a range of transactional land services and property valuation services previously delivered through the Lands Titles Office and State Valuation Office in October 2017.

Land Services SA provide exclusive property valuation services to the Valuer-General, and as a trusted partner of the State, Land Services SA deliver highly valued, trusted services to the community, being recognised for creating innovative solutions.

How is my value determined?

The Office of the Valuer-General and Land Services SA use various Valuation methodologies when reviewing valuations each year. Sales evidence is used to identify whether the value should be reduced, kept the same or lifted in accordance with the market.

For further information, please refer to

How do you know about my property details? or How do you collect data?

Under Sections 26-28 of the Valuation of Land Act, the Valuer-General can obtain information necessary to determining accurate valuations through varying methods including physical inspection and requests for information.

Information about Land Services SA’s Privacy Policies can be found on their website

This is just the Government raising revenue?

The Valuer-General is an independent Statutory authority and can not be influenced by Government. The General Valuation must be fair and accurate with Office of the Valuer-General and Land Services SA working together to continually provide more accurate valuations each year.

In order to do so, the Office of the Valuer-General required additional funding to support the investigations required.