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Main North Road and Nottage Terrace Intersection Upgrade

About the project

The Australian and South Australian Governments are jointly funding the $19 million upgrade of the Main North Road and Nottage Terrace intersection.

The Australian Government’s commitment is part of the Commonwealth Urban Congestion Fund. The South Australian Government’s commitment was announced as part of the last State Budget, to bust congestion by upgrading a number of metropolitan intersections. The South Australian Government’s Keeping Metro Traffic Moving Report identifies this intersection as priority location for treatments that address road congestion and keep traffic flowing.

The Main North Road and Nottage Terrace intersection is located approximately three kilometres north of Adelaide’s Central Business District (CBD). The intersection forms part of the Outer Ring Route, which is a major traffic route. Main North Road is also a high frequency public transport corridor. This intersection plays a vital role in moving traffic from the north-east to the south, bypassing Adelaide’s CBD.

The right turn from Main North Road onto Nottage Terrace is a key movement for vehicles travelling from the south and CBD to the north-eastern suburbs.

The existing single right turn lane causes problems due to the inadequate capacity, resulting in long delays for peak traffic including disruptions to vehicles heading north on Main North Road through the intersection.

There is a need for additional capacity on all approaches to the intersection and to provide additional right turn capacity from Main North Road onto Nottage Terrace.

On average more than 66,750 vehicles travel through the intersection each day.

There have been 93 reported crashes at the intersection in the past five years, consisting of 30 minor injury crashes. Approximately 65% of all crashes were rear end crashes.

The Main North Road and Nottage Terrace Intersection Upgrade scope includes:

  • widening of Main North Road (west side), with the installation of dual right turn lanes onto Nottage Terrace travelling eastbound, two through lanes on Main North Road travelling northbound, and the addition of a priority bus lane through the intersection travelling northbound;
  • widening of Main North Road (east side) to accommodate the left turn lane onto Nottage Terrace travelling eastbound and the extension of the bus priority lane at the intersection travelling southbound;
  • widening of Nottage Terrace (south side) to accommodate the extension of the right turn lanes travelling northbound from Nottage Terrace onto Main North Road;
  • changes to access on Wilson Street, College Avenue and Victoria Avenue to accommodate the proposed treatments;
  • upgraded pedestrian crossings within the intersection, including new pedestrian crossing lights and ramps;
  • extension of the existing northbound bicycle lane on Main North Road through the intersection;
  • pavement construction and surfacing; and
  • new and upgraded traffic signals, road lighting, line marking, and drainage.

Service relocation works commenced in September 2020, with main works expected to begin early next year, weather permitting.

Artists impression of the upgrade

Please note, this is an artist's impression for illustrative purposes only and not a final design. Click here to download the current plan.

Current Intersection

Artists impression of the upgrade

Artists impression of the upgrade

DIT COVID-19 Response

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What’s next?

Community and stakeholder engagement

Community and stakeholder engagement is important for the successful delivery of this project. As part of the project’s early concept design and review process, DIT invited the community to provide their feedback on the proposed design of the intersection upgrade. This consultation concluded on 8 May.

All feedback received from the community is being reviewed and considered by the project team. Receiving feedback from the community is important and will continue to help inform the development of the design.

Early site works

Service relocation works are expected to commence later this year, with main works expected to begin early next year, weather permitting.


Service relocation works - September 2020

Early service relocation works - September 2020

Small Business Fact Sheet - August 2020

Night works for site investigations - August 2020

Project update and opportunity to provide feedback - April 2020

Latest concept plan - April 2020

Project update and planning study - December 2019

Further information

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