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Grand Junction, Hampstead and Briens Road Intersection Upgrade

About the project

The Australian and South Australian Governments are jointly funding the $19 million upgrade of the Grand Junction, Hampstead and Briens Road Intersection.

Grand Junction Road and Hampstead Road are key to freight movement and the existing single right turn lane at the intersection causes problems due to the slow acceleration of heavy vehicles. There is a need for additional capacity on all approaches to the intersection to allow for this movement by duplicating the existing right turn lane.

On average more than 58,400 vehicles travel through the intersection each day.

There have been 89 crashes at the intersection in the past five years, including 35 casualty crashes. Approximately 49% of all crashes were rear end crashes.

The upgrade will improve the safety of the intersection and will reduce congestion for motorists.

Early works are expected to commence in the third quarter of 2020, with main works expected to begin in early 2021, weather permitting.

The current proposed treatments for the intersection include:

  • widening of Grand Junction Road (east side), with the extension of the right turn lane onto Briens Road travelling northbound, signalised left turn lane onto Hampstead Road travelling southbound, and three through lanes on Grand Junction Road;
  • widening of Grand Junction Road (west side), with the installation of dual right turn lanes onto Hampstead Road travelling southbound and three through lanes on Grand Junction Road;
  • widening of Briens Road to accommodate dual right turn lanes onto Grand Junction Road travelling westbound and signalised left turn lane onto Grand Junction Road travelling eastbound;
  • widening of Hampstead Road, to accommodate the proposed treatments;
  • upgraded pedestrian crossings within the intersection, including new pedestrian crossing lights and ramps;
  • dedicated bicycle lanes on all approaches;
  • pavement construction and surfacing; and
  • new and upgraded traffic signals, road lighting, line marking, and drainage.

Hampstead, Grand Junction Roads Intersection

Please note, this is an artist's impression for illustrative purposes only and not a final design. Click here to download the current plan.

DIT COVID-19 Response

The Department will continue to tailor community engagement opportunities in line with the latest COVID-19 advice from health authorities.

Face-to-face engagement opportunities may be restricted and we will continue to be guided by the advice of health authorities, with the health and safety of our stakeholders always our highest priority.

Engagement with community and industry is crucial and we will facilitate information sessions as much as possible to enable face to face engagement.  It is important to assist in managing these events that you register as requested to enable physical distancing as much as possible.

What's next?

Community and stakeholder consultation

Community and stakeholder engagement is important for the successful delivery of this project. As part of the project’s early concept design and review process, DIT invited the community to provide their feedback on the proposed design of the intersection upgrade. This consultation concluded on 24 April 2020.

All feedback received from the community is being reviewed and considered by the project team.

Receiving feedback from the community is important and will continue to help inform the development of the design. Major construction on the intersection upgrade is expected to commence early 2021, with project completion expected in early 2022, weather permitting.

Early site works

Service relocation works

As part of the project, service relocations and additional investigative works are being undertaken along Grand Junction Road, Hampstead Road and Briens Road to facilitate the intersection upgrade. These works will be undertaken in stages.

Works commenced on Wednesday, 24 June, with completion expected by the end of the year, weather permitting. The majority of works will be undertaken during the day, Monday to Friday, between 7am and 5pm, with some weekend works.

Intermittent night works may be required, between 7pm and 7am, in order to minimise traffic impacts and to ensure the works can be completed safely and efficiently.

Service relocation works will include, APA Gas works, relocation of SA Power Networks 66kV & 11kV infrastructure, SA Water asset alterations and the relocation of telecommunications infrastructure.

Some vegetation along the project corridor will be required to be removed to facilitate these works. Prior to any removals, the work area will be inspected on site by a suitably qualified flora and fauna specialist and where required, fauna will be relocated to a similar habitat. Impacts will be minimised, as much as practically possible.

Speed and lane restrictions will be in place in the vicinity of the works, however the intersection will remain open to traffic at all times. Please take extra care when workers are on site. Observe speed limits, lane restrictions and traffic controllers when travelling through the area.

Demolition works

As part of the project, property demolition works will be undertaken on the corner of Grand Junction Road and Wicklow Street to facilitate the new intersection upgrade.

These works are expected to commence on Tuesday 23 February 2021 and take approximately two weeks to complete, weather permitting. Works will be undertaken from Monday to Saturday between 7am and 5pm. Some works may also be required on Sundays between 9am and 5pm, however this will not occur unless necessary.


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Further information

If you have any further enquiries or would like to register your interest in the project to receive updates, please: