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Flagstaff Road Upgrade

About the project

The South Australian Government has announced $32.9 million in funding for the upgrade of Flagstaff Road, between Hyland Avenue and Bonneyview Road, by installing a fourth lane to make it a permanent two-way dual carriageway.

Flagstaff Road is a major arterial road used by approximately 21,000 motorists every day to commute to other parts of the city. For 800 metres of its overall 3.3 kilometre length between Hyland Avenue and Bonneyview Road, the road consists of only three lanes. Flow on the centre lane is reversed daily to cope with peak-hour traffic in the mornings and evenings. This is a potential cause of confusion for motorists travelling during these periods and remains a safety concern.

The additional lane will be installed as a permanent two-way dual carriageway to reduce traffic congestion, reduce confusion and improve efficiency and safety for motorists travelling on Flagstaff Road. It will provide room to overtake slow-moving traffic and allow emergency vehicles to proceed without being held up by other traffic.

Flagstaff Road map

Join the Conversation

We want to hear from you about what is important in your community and what you would like to see in the area.

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Feedback and Registration

We are asking community members to view the concept and comment on what they like and dislike and their thoughts on community space opportunities

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DIT COVID-19 Response

The Department will continue to tailor community engagement opportunities in line with the latest COVID-19 advice from health authorities.

Face-to-face engagement opportunities may be restricted and we will continue to be guided by the advice of health authorities, with the health and safety of our stakeholders always our highest priority.

Engagement with community and industry is crucial and we will facilitate information sessions as much as possible to enable face to face engagement.  It is important to assist in managing these events that you register as requested to enable physical distancing as much as possible.

Community Engagement

As part of the planning and design phase, the Department for Infrastructure and Transport (the Department) held an information session at Aberfoyle Park Hub Shopping Centre on 16 December 2019 to meet members of the community and understand the specific issues of the current road alignment.

In addition to the information session, the community was invited to provide their feedback via the Government YourSAy website and feedback forms on the project website. This consultation commenced on 7 December 2019, and concluded on 7 January 2020.

Click here for findings from this engagement period.

Community feedback received to date has been incorporated into the concept design and includes:

  1. Improvements to road safety.
  2. Increased accessibility for cyclists and pedestrians.
  3. Safer access into neighbouring streets.

To view a copy of the concept design click here

What’s next?

Ongoing investigations

Investigation works to inform the development of the design commenced in May 2020, and will continue throughout the year, including:

  • Locating underground services;
  • Geotechnical investigations; and
  • Flora and fauna assessments along the road corridor.

Project timeline

Early works are expected to commence in late 2020. Major construction is expected to commence in early 2021, and be completed by the end of 2021, weather permitting.

Further information

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