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Hove Level Crossing Removal

On 22 June 2021, the South Australian Government announced that the Hove Level Crossing removal will not be proceeding.

This decision was made after extensive stakeholder consultation and detailed analysis of both rail-over and rail-under design options, which found that the least costly of the two would still be around $120 million more than the available budget. Instead, a Ten Year Level Crossing Removal Program will be established to identify and prioritise the removal of level crossings across Adelaide based on potential benefits, strategic importance within the network and affordability.

We would like to thank all community members, business owners and interested stakeholders who have engaged with us over the last several months about the Hove Level Crossing. We greatly appreciate your time, patience and participation in the process.

Brighton Road Corridor Planning study

A planning study of Brighton Road, between Anzac Highway and Scholefield Road, is currently underway. This is part of the State Government’s $10 million investment into planning studies to determine potential infrastructure upgrades on key arterial roads, intersections and transport corridors.

In July we will be seeking community feedback, via online engagement tool Social Pinpoint, on the current performance of Brighton Road.  Working with local stakeholders to identify traffic congestion and safety issues in the area, and the potential treatments to alleviate them, will help deliver a better whole-of-corridor solution for funding consideration

If you would like to participate in this survey, please email us at and will be in touch once this consultation is underway.

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