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Outer Harbor Greenway

The Outer Harbor Greenway will provide a safe, direct, continuous and attractive link from the city to Port Adelaide and the Lefevre Peninsula.

The 20km route begins at the River Torrens Linear Park in the Adelaide Park Lands and ends where it connects to Coast Park at Outer Harbor. It generally follows local streets fronting the Outer Harbor railway line, diverging from the railway through Port Adelaide across the Birkenhead Bridge.

Key segments have been built as part of the St. Clair redevelopment and the Port Adelaide Hike & Bike Loop (Our Port project). Remaining segments are being delivered as part of the Torrens Rail Junction project and the South Rd Upgrade - Torrens Rd to River Torrens project.

Project locations

Key arterial road crossings and segments of shared use path will complete the route

Detailed segment maps:

Project status

Shared lane markings ("Sharrows") on local roads


Status: Completed

Sharrow pavement markings have been painted on the Greenway route on low-traffic local streets between Bowden and Port Adelaide and along streets on the Lefevre Peninsula.

Sharrows are intended to position cyclists away from the ‘door zone’ of parked cars, alert drivers to the presence of cyclists and assist with wayfinding.

New shared use path along the River Torrens Linear Park, Bonython Park (Adelaide Park Lands)

Status: Completed

The new sealed shared use path extends the Greenway route to connect with the existing River Torrens Linear Park on the South side of the River via the recently completed Seaview Road Pedestrian Bridge.

This upgrade was made possible through a partnership with Adelaide City Council.

New underpass of Park Terrace

Status: Completed

The Torrens Rail Junction Project will replace the existing Bicycle/ Pedestrian Actuated Crossing (BPAC) at Park Tce with an underpass.

Greenway route through Brompton

Facilities for cyclists and pedestrians between Chief Street and East Street, Brompton on the Outer Harbor Greenway will be improved through a $1 million South Australian Government-funded project.

Works to complete the section behind the Bowden Heritage Precinct between East Street and the new shared use path bridge over Chief Street at Brompton will commence in early May, with completion expected in the third quarter of 2019, weather permitting.

This part of the Greenway is the last remaining link to be constructed in a 1.7km section between Croydon and the Adelaide Parklands. This section will link recently-constructed segments of the Greenway by Torrens Rail Junction to the south and Torrens Road to River Torrens (T2T) to the north.

Until this section is complete the section of path between West Street and Chief Street will remain closed. Users should follow local detours. The 19.4km Outer Harbor Greenway joins Adelaide to Woodville, Port Adelaide and the Outer Harbor.

For a map of this area, click here.

Until this last section is completed, the section of new path constructed between West Street and Chief Street will remain closed as it is a dead-end.  The railway pedestrian crossing at West Street is currently closed but will be reopened as an automated pedestrian crossing in the 2018-19 financial year as part of the Torrens to Torrens project.

Try the journey planner which can help you find your way around Adelaide by bike.

Information on the works currently being undertaken on the Bowden Heritage Precinct, which will facilitate the construction of the Greenway through this area, can be found at or visit for more information on the area.

View some progress shots here (click to enlarge):

New Chief Street buffered bike lanes


Status: Completed (May 2014)

New buffered bicycle lanes provide a safer and more comfortable ride along Chief St. Chief St is part of the interim alignment of the Greenway around the Origin site. The bike lanes extend from First St to Hawker St, Brompton.

New overpass of South Road, Croydon

Status: Completed (August 2018)

The South Rd Upgrade - Torrens Rd to River Torrens project includes an overpass that will carry both the Greenway path and the rail line over an upgraded South Rd.

New crossing of Kilkenny Rd / David Tce, Kilkenny

Image of completed crossing signal at Kilkenny Road

Status: Completed (November 2014)

A new Bicycle/ Pedestrian Actuated Crossing (BPAC) provides a safe crossing of Kilkenny Rd / David Tce and improves access to the Kilkenny railway station.

New crossing of Woodville Road

Woodville Rd crossing completed 640x480

Status: Completed (February 2014)

A new crossing signal helps people cross busy Woodville Rd.

New shared use path through Woodville

Image of construction progress on Outer Harbor Greenway path at Woodville

Status: Completed July 2015 (photo shows path under construction)

The new 250 metre long shared use path will extend from Woodville Road to link up with the existing path through St. Clair (see below). The new path provides a more direct connection to the Woodville station and additional open space for local residents. Greenway users will no longer be required to walk or ride through the car park on Glenys Nunn Dr.

New shared use path through St. Clair

Outer Harbor Greenway path approaching Cheltenham Parade

Status: Completed (February 2014)

The Greenway follows a new shared use path from Actil Av to Cheltenham Pde.

Future development will complete the path from Actil Av to Woodville Rd. In the interim, the Greenway follows Glenys Nunn Dr.

New crossing of Cheltenham Parade

Cheltenham Pde crossing completed d640x480

Status: Completed (February 2014)

A new crossing signal connects new shared use paths on either side of Cheltenham Pde. The shared use path continues for approx 100m on the West side of Cheltenham Pde before rejoining with Buller Tce. These improvements connect the Greenway to the new St. Clair railway station and Coles supermarket.

Path upgrade at Alberton railway station

Path under construction next to Alberton railway station

Status: Completed July 2015 (photo shows path under construction)

An existing path between Fussell Pl and Station Pl was widened and illuminated to complete a link in the Greenway and improve access to the Alberton railway station.

Upgrade of Grand Junction Road underpass


Status: Completed

The existing underpass has been improved by resealing and realigning the shared use path as well as upgrading the lighting.

Path upgrade between Lipson St and Rosetta St, Port Adelaide

Status: Completed (July 2015)

The existing path behind the Air Museum and Railway Museum is being widened and illuminated by new lighting.

Port Adelaide Hike & Bike Loop:

Birkenhead Bridge shared use path

Birkenhead Bridge path under constructionBirkenhead-Bridge-x-section-350

Status: Completed (May 2014)

A new shared use path on the Birkenhead Bridge connects the Greenway across the Port River. The 4m shared path is a portion of the Hike & Bike Loop provided through the Our Port revitalisation.

Port Loop


Status: Completed (January 2014)

The Greenway route follows the Port Loop from the end of Lipson St to the junction of Semaphore Rd and Meade St.

Jervois Bridge shared use path and bike lanes

Status: Completed (June 2014)

The bridge has been retrofit to include both bike lanes and a share use path (part of the Port Adelaide Hike & Bike Loop).