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Mike Turtur Bikeway

The Mike Turtur Bikeway is the busiest cycling commuter route in Adelaide. The route is substantially completed; however, key sections are being upgraded to make it more convenient to use and cope with increased usage.

King William Street bikeway

Status: Concept design

Currently, the Mike Turtur Bikeway ends at South Tce, Adelaide. People riding bikes in to the City have to share space with an angled parking lane up to Victoria Sq.

DIT is working with Adelaide City Council to design a bikeway following King William St to extend the Mike Turtur Bikeway from South Tce to Victoria Square.

Tram track crossing at South Terrace, Adelaide

Status: Completed (October 2013)

A joint project between DIT and Adelaide City Council installed a tram crossing and bike box at the intersection of Peacock Road and South Terrace. Improvements include:

  • a signalised cyclist crossing of the tram tracks on a safer alignment
  • a bike box on Peacock Rd northbound at South Tce to increase storage capacity and safety for cyclists entering the city
  • an easier connection from the shared use path to the bike lane on Peacock Rd
  • a signalised pedestrian and bicycle crossing of Peacock Rd at South Tce. The crossing will serve the Park Lands Trail and improve access to the tram stop

The $200,000 project was funded by the Greenways program and Adelaide City Council.

Upgrade of Goodwood Road crossing


Status: Completed

An existing two-stage crossing was upgraded to a single-stage to cope with the increase in bicycle traffic, making the crossing safer and more convenient.

New Goodwood overpass

Status: Detailed design underway

Stage 2 of the Goodwood and Torrens Rail Junction Project is planned to feature the construction of a new pedestrian and cycling overpass at Goodwood to complete the Mike Turtur Bikeway.

Currently, people using the busiest bikeway in Adelaide have to travel out of direction to cross the Seaford rail line via the level crossing at Victoria Street or by dismounting and walking through the narrow subway under the station.

Upgrade of crossing at Winifred Avenue / Beckman Street, Glandore

Status: Completed

A joint project between DIT and Marion Council installed bicycle right turn lanes and median refuge islands on Winifred Av and Beckman St. The existing cycling route crosses from roads on one side of the tram alignment to the other at this intersection. The improvements provide a safer and more convenient crossing of the intersection for people cycling the Mike Turtur Bikeway and walking to the tram stop.

New shared use path between Morphett Road and Brighton Road

Status: Completed (November 2013)

A new shared use path completed a 1.8km segment of the Mike Turtur Bikeway (following Maxwell Tce from Brighton Rd, Glenelg East and Morphett Rd, Glengowrie). The path was constructed by the Cities of Marion and Holdfast Bay and funded in part by the state government Planning and Development Fund.

The shared use path is part of a linear park along the tramline, improved access to tram stops and provides an alternative to cycling on Maxwell Tce. The project upgraded to existing lighting, fencing and landscaping and planted native trees and shrubs.

Upgrade of crossing at Brighton Road, Glenelg

Status: Completed (February 2015)

A joint project with City of Holdfast Bay to upgrade the existing pedestrian crossing to connect the shared use path across Brighton Rd into Jetty Rd.