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Greenways and bike boulevards

greenway map webGreenways are dedicated walking and cycling routes following public transport corridors or linear open space, such as along rivers.

Greenways routes typically connect quiet local streets with new off-street paths and arterial road crossings, creating direct cycling routes and better access to public transport stops and stations. Connections to open space, schools and commercial areas are also improved.

Where possible, projects improve the streetscape by planting native trees and shrubs as well as installing public art.


The Greenways network is shown on the map at right.

Current projects include:


Greenway routes connect transit-oriented developments (TODs), public transport hubs and activity centres identified in the 30 Year Plan for Greater Adelaide.

Projects typically enhance and extend routes that are part of the existing Metropolitan Adelaide BikeDirect network.


Greenway walking and cycling facilities vary according to their specific location but will include 'bicycle friendly' local roads and footpaths, shared use paths and safe arterial road crossings.

Arterial road crossings

New Bicycle and Pedestrian Activated Crossings (BPACs) make crossing busy roads safer and more convenient.


Sharrows on local roads

Shared lane markings, known as ‘sharrows’, are being employed for the first time in South Australia on local streets that are part of the Greenways route. Sharrows improve safety by positioning cyclists away from car doors and alerting drivers to the presence of cyclists. They are also intended to make following a cyclist route easier.

Sharrow trial in City of Charles Sturt


New directional signage, consistent along the length of the Greenway, improves route marking and provides distance and cycling time to popular destinations.


Other improvements

Where possible, native plantings, public art and other amenities are included to improve the corridor.

Contact the Greenways Project Team

Phone: 1300 794 880 9am - 5pm weekdays with voicemail outside these times