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Overview of Study

GlobeLink is a multi-billion-dollar vision that involves a new road and rail corridor that sweeps behind the Adelaide Hills to connect the National Highway and rail link from Victoria to northern Adelaide, as well an intermodal export park and freight-only airport at the Murray Bridge end of the corridor. Further details can be found at

The South Australian Government has committed $20 million to the preparation of a Master Plan and Business Case for GlobeLink. These documents are critical in supporting a future funding proposal, and are intended for submission to Infrastructure South Australia and Infrastructure Australia for consideration.

Given the importance and scale of this initiative, the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) is undertaking a multi-stage and evidence based approach to the preparation of these documents. The multi-stage process, similar to Infrastructure Australia’s assessment framework, involves:

  • Stage 1 – Problem/opportunity identification and assessment
  • Stage 2 – Options development, assessment and shortlisting
  • Stage 3 – Master plan and business case development
  • Stage 4 – Full business case assessment by ISA and IA

Stages 1 and 2 have been initiated, and will be completed by mid 2019. The findings of Stages 1 and 2 will inform the next stages of work.

KPMG and AECOM have been contracted to undertake Stages 1 and 2, and are working closely with DPTI.

Have Your Say

Anybody can help shape the vision for GlobeLink through the Have Your Say website, which can be sourced at

Engagement with industry and the freight sector will also be a crucial part of the study. A successful Market Sounding Event for a wide range of industry stakeholders has already been held, and more are planned.

Current Status

KPMG/AECOM are currently engaging with key industry stakeholders regarding supply chain logistics, in order to gather the data and evidence that is needed to underpin the planning of GlobeLink.

Key supply chain stakeholders include:

  • Beneficial cargo owners
  • Infrastructure owners and operators
  • Storage and distribution companies
  • Freight and logistics service providers
  • Transport and haulage companies

Obtaining and validating data from the industry is the key-stone to a successful, rigorous and transparent process to identify the steps needed to grow South Australia’s future.