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Stations Upgrade Program

Station Upgrade Program

DPTI's Station Upgrade Program continues to upgrade selected stations along metropolitan passenger rail lines to provide safer and more efficient services for train customers.  Upgraded stations include Elizabeth, Elizabeth South, Chidda, Evanston, Parafield, Munno Para, Gawler, Hallet Cove and Hallet Cove Railway Stations.

Improved facilities for commuters include new shelters, improved lighting, platform furniture, additional cover, improved access, pedestrian crossings, bike enclosures, additional CCTV camera, new access paths and ramp along along with new car parking facilities.  All improvements focus on accessibility that is in  line with the DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) for public transport services.

Project time frame

July 2011 - March 2014

Project cost

Apart of the State Government's $2 billion investment into public transport