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Community, Projects and People





Our infrastructure and transport network is used every day.

This network is expanding to enhance the liveability and connectivity between us, places and businesses, and a lot goes into this development – including you!

Click on the tabs above to explore how you are involved with and benefit from these projects.


The benefits to the community can be seen before the project even starts with communication channels opening early.

Our project teams look for opportunities to involve the community and to leave the environment in a better way than they found it.

You may see the project team involving local artists to help improve the area aesthetic, inviting locals to project events and working with local groups to enhance nearby amenities.

To see how your local project is getting involved with your community check the relevant project page or contact our Community Engagement team.


All of our projects aim to improve the transport and infrastructure services.

Benefits can include improved travel times, increased efficiencies or safer connections – just to name a few.

Our projects also aim to benefit our community by sourcing local materials and services.

Explore your nearby projects to learn about the benefits they will bring to your every day life.


We can’t deliver projects without you.

From start to finish, all projects need skills ranging from engineering and construction to community engagement.

Our projects provide development opportunities for graduates and apprentices, and those looking to up- and cross-skill; while also looking for opportunities to employ locals and people from a broad range of community groups.

If you are interested in working on one of our projects, please register your interest and check for current vacancies.

Graduating soon? Check out our Graduate Portal for opportunities in your area of study.