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Marion Station Underpass

Image of Marion Station on the Metropolitan Network

Marion Railway Station has a combination of schools, an older demographic, people with disabilities, and new electric train services now travelling through.  Built about 47 years ago, the former pedestrian overpass had been installed to provide the safest option for pedestrians crossing the rail corridor, by separating people entirely from the trains.  It was not however, compliant with the federal Disability Discrimination Act and was not high enough to facilitate the infrastructure required for electrification.

DIT took the opportunity provided by the electrification project to upgrade this facility into a new, modern and entirely open pedestrian underpass, maintaining the highest safety achievable by grade separation and featuring the principles of CPTED.  The project was completed on 30 November 2013.

Project time frame

July 2013 - November 2013

Project cost

Apart of the State Government's $2 billion investment in public transport.