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FAMIS Training

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FAMIS Module 1 - FAMIS Training & Business Rules Procedure

FAMIS Training & Business Rules Procedure
Business Rules - Planned Works
Unplanned Services Priorities & Process
DPTI Hotline - Contact Details
Application for FAMIS User ID and Password
Obtaining Access to FAMIS

FAMIS Module 1a - Getting Started with FAMIS

FAMIS Conventions
FAMIS Work Tabs
Asset List Techniques
FAMIS Data Entry Techniques
Logging on in FAMIS
Searching for Assets
Setting Up the Asset List

FAMIS Module 2 - Work Requests

Requesting Unplanned Work in FAMIS
Requesting Scheduled Attendance Breakdown Maintenance in FAMIS
Releasing Planned Work Requests
Requesting Small Construction Work in FAMIS

FAMIS Module 3 - Agreement

Action Options Pick List
Authorise, Dispute and Delete an Agreement
Amending Work Details (Agreement Tab)
Clearing an Action Mark

FAMIS Module 4 - Job Tracking

Cancelling a FAMIS Job
Job Tracking Quick Menu Options
Amending Work Details (Job Tracking Tab)
Amending Vandalism Details (DECD)
Adding a Consultancy
Adding a Variation
Adding a Job Note
Entering Fixed Price Details
Requesting a Rework

FAMIS Module 5 - Approvals

Accepting, Authorising and Disputing Claims
Clearing Disputes on Claims for Payment
Business Rules - Dispute Resolution
Approvals Tab - Known Authorising Speed Issue

FAMIS Module 6 - Job History

Viewing Completed Job History
Exporting Job Expenses Bill Details

FAMIS Module 7 - Job Billing

Viewing Job Billing Details
FAMIS Claim Types

FAMIS Module 8 - Invoicing

Viewing Jobs for Invoicing Agency
Viewing Jobs for Invoicing FM

FAMIS Module 9 - Schedules

Viewing Preventative Maintenance Work Schedule

FAMIS Module 10 - Budgets

Viewing Budgets