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The Across Government Facilities Management Arrangements (AGFMA) Section

Street address: Level 3, 77 Grenfell Street, Adelaide SA 5001

Postal address: GPO Box 1533, Adelaide SA 5001

Phone: (08) 8402 1714 (Rebecca Hoskin - Manager)


ABN: 92366288135

Systems Support

The Business System Service Desk assist clients with issues experienced within our AGFMA Systems FAMIS and SAMIS.

Street address: Business Systems Service Desk, Level 3, 77 Grenfell Street, Adelaide SA 5001

Postal address: GPO Box 1533, Adelaide SA 5001

Phone: (08) 8343 2850


Opening Hours: 8am - 5pm (Mon - Fri)

AGFMA Hotline

The AGFMA Hotline operates between 7.30am - 5.00 pm Monday-Friday (excluding public holidays) and assists by raising planned and unplanned work requests for clients and provides information relating to work requests.


Region S:  1300 316 277          (previously (08) 8226 5293) (Facilities Services)

Region C:  1300 319 055          (previously (08) 8226 5295) (Spotless)

Region N:  1300 342 911          (previously (08) 8226 5296) (Spotless)

Country:    1300 116 336 (Facilities Services)

Fax: (08) 8226 5297

The AGFMA Team

To view the current AGFMA Structure please click here

Manager, AGFMA – Rebecca Hoskin

The Manager AGFMA provides consultation, advice, assistance and negotiation at a complex level for government agencies, facilities management services providers and employees. The Manager is responsible for proactively leading, managing and administering the AGFMA to ensure value for money and quality facilities management services for all participating government agencies. The role takes a lead role in pursuing a strong asset management focus assisting all government agencies in establishing and maintaining a mature asset management approach as part of effective facility management.

Phone: (08) 8402 1714


Principal AGFMA Contract Manager – Mark Peterson

The Principal AGFMA Contract Manager is directly responsible for ensuring the success of the AGFMA. The Manager proactively manages, administers and mitigates risk to the AGFMA to ensure value for money, quality and responsive facilities management services for all participating government agencies. The Manager is the subject matter expert who expeditiously resolves and manages issues arising from the facilities management service providers and client agencies.

Phone: (08) 8402 1756


Mark Peterson Portfolio:

Mark is responsible for the below client agencies:

  • Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI)
  • Office for Recreation and Sport (ORS)

AGFMA Service Manager – Michael Alliston

The AGFMA Service Manager manages the range of systems and policies including IT (SAMIS/FAMIS) business rules and guidelines that support the AGFMA and asset and facility management needs. The Service Manager drives the process improvements to deliver best in class client agency service delivery.

Phone: (08) 8402 1765


AGFMA Agency Advocates

The AGFMA Agency Advocates are predominately agency focused directly responsible for the contractual, administrative and service delivery requirements for the assigned facilities management service providers to client agencies. The positions are responsible for the provision of support and advice to client agencies on the AGFMA, resolving issues arising from service matters associated with the AGFMA and working collaboratively with the facilities management service providers to ensure effective delivery of the service requirements.

The team of AGFMA Contract Client Managers oversee more than 30 client agencies that participate in the FM Arrangements.

The FM Services Arrangements are split between four geographical regions; metropolitan regions N, C and S (Northern, Central and Southern) and Regional SA (region R) click here for Map of Regions.

Agency Advocates are allocated a portfolio of client agencies and Facility Managers (Spotless or Facilities Services).

Francois Koch portfolio:

Francois is responsible for the below client agencies:

  • Arts SA
  • Attorney General’s Department (AGD)
  • Attorney General – Forensic Science SA
  • Auditor Generals (AUDG)
  • Courts Administration Authority (CAA)
  • Department for Child Protection (DCP)
  • Department for Communities and Social Inclusions (DCSI) including Domiciliary Care, Housing SA and Disability Services
  • Department for Correctional Services (DCS)
  • Defence SA
  • Department of Education and Child Development (DECD)
  • Department for Premier and Cabinet (DPC)
  • Department of Treasury and Finance (DTF)
  • SA Fire & Emergency Service Commission (SAFECOM) including Country Fire Service (CFS), SA Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS) and State Emergency Service (SES)
  • South Australian Police (SAPOL)

Phone: (08) 8402 1766


David Herbert portfolio:

David is responsible for all Department of SA Health sites including;

  • SA Health inc.
  • Drug and Alcohol Services (DASSA)
  • Breast Screen SA
  • SA Prison Health
  • Royal Adelaide Hospital
  • Queen Elizabeth Hospital
  • Women’s and Children Hospital
  • Repatriation General Hospital
  • Flinders Medical Centre and,
  • Mental Health sites such as Glenside and SA Dental Service (SADS) sites

David is also responsible for the below client agencies:

  • Department for Environment, Water and Natural Resources (DEWNR)
  • Department of Primary Industries and Regions, South Australia (PIRSA) including South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI)
  • Department of State Development (DSD)

Phone: (08) 8402 1717


A/Business Support Officer - James McPherson

The Contract Client Support Officer reports to the Principal AGFMA Contract Manager. The position provides administrative and contractual and assistance to the AGFMA Contract Managers for the effective delivery of the AGFMA through the management of FAMIS transactions, such as cancellations and disputes, Comrec and designated location changes and budget adjustments. The position acts as a representative of the AGFMA Contract Managers as required.

Phone: (08) 8402 1772


Operational Manager – Daniel Galanos

The Operational Manager manages and coordinates the effective and efficient use of the made available trades for the AGFMA. The position is required to liaise with tradespersons, facilities management service providers and client agencies to ensure that the services performed add value and meet the needs of the AGFMA and client agencies.

Phone: (08) 8402 1753


Trades Coordinator

The Trades Coordinator works in close liaison with the private sector facilities service provider’s on-site facilities manager, to deliver a structured facilities management program for the SA Health sites. The Trades Coordinator is primarily responsible for the management, administration and supervision of DPTI made available trades employees located within SA Health sites.

Contract Audit Officer

The Contract Audit Officer’s primary focus is on quality assurance and KPI management as defined within the AGFMA. The position liaises and works collaboratively with service providers and client agencies to audit critical deliverables, identify and assess areas of concern or non-compliance and provide reports and recommendations within the arrangements.

There is an ongoing process of refinement of deliverables and KPI’s to ensure they best meet the needs of the AGFMA client agencies. This role is responsible for leading the Facilities Management Operational Strategy (FMOS) and Measures of Success (MOS) processes.

Construction Advisor and Auditor – Mark Muller

The Construction Advisor visits sites where work is under construction. The role will report on compliance to building standards, work practices, associated documentation requirements and safety. The role will maintain a data base of building projects for replacement/refurbishment maintenance and/or small construction projects.

Phone: (08) 8343 2441


Systems Manager – Jim Aifandis

The Systems Manager is responsible for ensuring that there are appropriate information systems eg FAMIS and SAMIS in place to manage the AGFMA this also includes working collaboratively with service providers and government agencies to resolve issues and provide advice on rectification. There are two main information systems Facilities Asset Management Information System (FAMIS) and Strategic Asset Management Information System (SAMIS) to administer. The position oversees FAMIS and SAMIS changes such as cancellations and reworks and provide high level support for Comrec and the 120 day annual maintenance planning process. Delivering system user training is an important part of the role.

Phone: (08) 8260 0407


Systems Project Manager

To support a range of business improvement initiatives, the System Project Manager analyses existing value chain processes to find and implement business improvements.



Systems Help Desk Officer

The Systems Help Desk Officer is the first point of contact for all system related queries and performs a range of system administration and investigative duties. This position assists clients via phone and email to rectify issues experienced within such systems as FAMIS and SAMIS. The Help Desk Officer can also log IT faults / defects with our system developers if required and keep clients informed of the progress of their requests. They can provide first level support and training to new users of FAMIS and SAMIS and direct clients to further training material.

Phone: (08) 8343 2850


A/Systems Officer – Cheryl Lees

The Systems Officer provides duties in a range of activities associated with the operations of the AGFMA including researching, compiling and analysing information by accessing and interrogating FAMIS and SAMIS or equivalents. Their main focus is promoting the use of and training of SAMIS. The role will also provide assistance and support to the Asset Planning Officer and the Senior Asset Engineer.

Phone: (08) 8343 2139


Systems Support Officer

The Systems Support Officer provides support to the AGFMA service providers, client agencies and the Systems Officer and Asset Planning Officer to ensure that data within the information systems ie SAMIS is correct and complete. The position assists in defining the minimum information required to effectively utilise the systems and assist in reporting requirements. The role also provides help desk support.

Phone: (08) 7109 7442


Senior Asset Planning Officer -  Julia Smethurst

The position works with the AGFMA client agencies and FM’s to prepare best practice asset management policy, strategy, frameworks and plans for use across government and assist in managing government reporting requirements. The Asset Planning Officer liaises with the Senior Asset Engineer to assist in the preparation of maintenance and asset management plans for the facilities management service providers and client agencies.

Phone: (08) 8343 2380


Senior Asset Engineer – Nicky Will

The Senior Asset Engineer is responsible for the production and coordination of the technical data schedules (TDS) for the facilities management service providers to ensure statutory and legislative compliance with critical building maintenance requirements. The position is required to assess and document the performance requirements of infrastructure and assets and will contribute to the development of asset maintenance and management plans for the facilities service providers and client agencies.

Phone: (08) 8402 1725