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Strategic Asset Management Information System (SAMIS)

The Strategic Asset Management Information System (SAMIS) supports strategic asset management decision making by providing a repository of data that identifies and physically describes assets.

It is designed to assist people who manage agencies' assets to adopt best practices for asset management.

SAMIS assists the agencies in meeting strategic asset management objectives and can also be used to assist in day-to-day asset management operations activities.

Although SAMIS has been developed essentially to support decision-making from an agencies perspective, opportunity exists to present whole of government view of the State’s infrastructure assets.

System Functionality

SAMIS consists of a number of key parts

  • The PORTECO asset register – the repository of data that identifies and physically describes the asset, including hazardous materials registers
  • The asset management functionality – that operates against assets defined in the register. It includes the major function of asset valuation, location, asset life cycle, and condition / performance assessment of assets.
  • The COGNITO reporting tool, that allows agencies to develop and maintain standard and across portfolio reporting agencies can use SAMIS to assist with the generation of Strategic Asset Management Plans and associated budget forecasts to sustain service levels.

SAMIS can assist agencies in delivering:

  • Assets that better match agencies business service requirements
  • Optimised intervention actions
  • Extension of asset life
  • Managed deferral of expenditure
  • More informed and better disclosure in decision-making at both agency and whole-of-government levels.

Below are a list of useful documents aimed at new and existing SAMIS users.

pel]o[rus - GIS Navigation Tool

Allows SAMIS clients to find and analyse assets geographically

lex]i[con - Online Learning

Provides Help Topics, Learning Materials and Reference Guides for SAMIS

To gain access to the SAMIS system please complete the SAMIS New User Form

SAMIS Initiatives & Enhancements

Contact the SAMIS Team

The AGFMA Service Desk assist clients with issues experienced within our AGFMA Systems - FAMIS and SAMIS.

Street address: AGFMA Service Desk, Level 3, 77 Grenfell Street, Adelaide SA 5001

Postal address: GPO Box 1533, Adelaide SA 5001

Phone: (08) 8343 2850