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How do I access Cognos?

Access cognos by entering the following web addresses

internal DIT customers

What is Cognos ?

Cognos is an enterprise set of reporting products provided by IBM. It is the reporting tool within the SAMIS product suite. Cognos allows users to:

  • efficiently generate standard reports as per business needs
  • easily develop ad-hoc reports to answer internal and external enquiries
  • run reports aggregating data across multiple sites
  • access asset management and performance "data" for analysis and manipulation.

How does Cognos work?
Cognos is based on software developed by a company called IBM. The SAMIS project team has enhanced the software to meet the needs of the system's stakeholders. Using a standard web browser, cognos users are able to access standard reports or create and update versions of their own reports, that they have developed from scratch.

When a report is "run", cognos retrieves asset management and performance assessment information from port]e[co. Other information, such as financial summaries, can also be accessed to assist with further analysis (provided this information has been made available for periodic update).

It is the capability of SAMIS to allow for analysis of aggregated and diverse information that makes it a strategic system.

Who will use cognos ?
All users have access to port]e[co's standard reports that have been designed to meet the most common information requirements of each agency. However, not everyone needs to use cognos directly, it is of most value to people who are responsible for a number of sites and need to consolidate and analyse data across those sites. cognos can also be used by people who are tasked with finding answers to issues raised within stakeholder sites relating to built assets.

In order for people to produce their own reports, or do ad hoc queries, a "user license" for cognos will be required. Please refer to your Agency Administrator for more information on licensing.

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