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AGFMA Information Systems

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

Not to be confused with the asset management system, the AGFMA asset management information systems are the IT systems that support the flow of job requests, job data and capture information that help us in managing our assets. 

Information systems are a vital part of our service delivery model. They link with our FM in-house IT systems, with finance and billing, with reporting and planning. The vast amounts of data captured each day require analysis as it will be used to inform future asset management decisions.

Although many IT systems exist, this section focuses on two client facing systems: the Facilities Asset Management Information System (FAMIS) which processes works orders on breakdown and routine maintenance, and minor works and the Strategic Asset Management Information System (SAMIS) which is designed to provide agency strategic asset managers with information on asset registers, asset values, life cycle costing and performance assessments.

For more detailed information and training material on our information systems please follow the below links

Facilities Asset Management Information System (FAMIS)

Strategic Asset Management Information System (SAMIS)